Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I am in a training nightmare

True Hollywood story


I can't get it together.

I have 25 days until LR half marathon.


I blame it on the weather, shark week, my horrible play list, wardrobe malfunction, you name it I used it as an excuse.

Let's just take yesterday for example. Monday new day, forget about my 2 horrible weekend runs. I get home change, EAT: nachos, spaghetti 4 donut holes and then proceeded to down a lemonade which may or may not of had vodka in it. (hint: it did) I was in fat kid heaven. Mid drink I talked myself out of running. After my food settled I was sitting around in my running clothes and figured what the heck get on that dreadmill. So I did. I pumped that sucker up to 8.5 and ran and ran and stopped at 2 miles.

TWO MILES.Really Amie? Two miles.

I've come to the conclusion that the treadmill is false advertisement. I can run fast but I can't run far on that dumb thing. Last time I check I have to run 13.1 miles and not 2.

So, with that being said, my treadmill training days are over. I will be running outside rain or shine. Well minus the rain. duh I'm black. I'm just going to suck it up and DO IT. just like Nike says to do. I need to find my mojo. As in M needs to book us a beach trip so I get motivated to run. I digress

I have a race in March and April coming up(and possible June). It's time to get serious.

Has anyone ran Hospital Hill Run? I'm 98.5% sure I've talked Marcia to run with me. I'm have another victim in mind, who happens to live in KC, so I feel like she should join in on all the pain fun. Samantha...

Here's to unplugging that damn treadmill! Here's to running like a real runner! Here's to no more vodka lemonades (damn) Here's to getting my mojo back! Here's to a beach vacation (a girl can dream)!

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