Monday, February 4, 2013

Dealing with Crazy

Have you ever had to deal with a crazy person? Like on an everyday bases. I mean I know everyone can’t be normal like yours truly but this person is crazy.

Like real crazy. Like here is “crazy person” and here is the world and Ms. Crazy swears the world revolves around them. Not to mention she is the reason why the sun rises and sets.

I’m serious.

I was warned about this crazy and not to let it bother me because this person is crazy and will always be crazy.

When “crazy” talks to me I instantly get a glazed look on my face. (Like M gets when I start talking about the last episode of Girls).

I mean seriously she is not only ON the crazy train (alone) she’s driving that train.

She doesn’t talk in complete sentence. She takes you ALL AROUND LAURA’s house just to say one statement that makes no sense.

Crazy thinks she’s the best thing since sliced bread. Crazy actually thinks she invented sliced bread.

Crazy will lie right to your face.

Crazy will call you out whether she knows the facts or not.

Crazy makes me reconsider my choice of employment.

I seriously have to give Crazy to God. I tell myself that crazy is still one of God’s children, I should love crazy and pray for her.

She is starting to make me crazy. (ain’t nobody got time for that)
I'll just kill her with kindness (and curse her under my I kid)


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