Friday, October 25, 2013


Happy Friday everyone! I wish I could say I jumped right out of bed this morning and got my running in but that would be a big fat Pinocchio lie. I still feel like death. Thank you baby Jesus for Friday.

Here’s my five on Friday


I think I need a Arkansas intervention. I’m actually considering buying these.

Yep camouflage Toms. I think they are adorable. I just keep thinking “what will people say when I wear them in STL” I think it will go something like this:
Dad: I know you aren’t wearing camouflage shoes. Do you even know why people wear camouflage amie?

Mom: Oh are those “tommy shoes” don’t the give little girls a wish or something?

Sister: I’m going to need you to take those off when you’re around me.

Do you see what I’m dealing with?



How stressful was last night’s game? Gesh. M was out of control.

Guess who gets to go to the WORLD SERIES GAME this Saturday!!

NOPE not this girl.

My HUSBAND. He is the luckiest person I know. I swear it’s all about who you know. Did I mention he’ll be in a suite, with unlimited booze and delicious nachos?

So not fair, right? I want to know where my ticket is.

In all honesty I’m super excited for him. He is a diehard fan, and going to a world series game is on his bucket list. Plus he gets to have a weekend home with his friends. Yes, you can go ahead and call me wife of the year.


While M is three sheets to the wind cheering for the cardinals, I have planned a fun filled weekend for H and I. Tonight we are heading to a carnival that our church is holding. It’s like a smaller version of the fair, well a much smaller version. There are rides and all sorts of fried foods. Tomorrow, we will be heading to the pumpkin patch. It’s a tradition. I’m pretty sure I have more fun than H. I just love getting all the pumpkin pictures.


My sassy three year old is growing too fast. How do I make her stop. This weekend throwing all things aside and just spending time with my girl. I’ll blink and she’ll be off to college. (I know a little dramatic)


I’m obsessed with this outfit. I need to recreate this outfit asap. And then find somewhere to wear it

Have a great weekend everyone! Head over and link up for your FIVE ON FRIDAY


  1. Bahahaha, first of true..."find somewhere to wear it!" I have all these cute outfits pinned and absolutely nowhere to wear them. :) Also, your daughter is SO cute! New follower on bloglovin. -Andrea

  2. that outfit IS obsession worth!!! eeeee! SWOON!

  3. Okay you are seriously wife of the year! It sounds like y'all have the best weekend planned. I can't wait for when Jack turns older and we can do more stuff together. Such a fun weekend planned.

  4. Those shoes? HA!! You crack me up. I don't think those go very well with wine. Just saying... :)