Friday, October 4, 2013


Five on Friday


Next weekend I’m packing up the escape and heading to STL for the Go Half Marathon. This will be my first race to run in STL. I’m pretty excited to have friends and family cheering me on.


I think it’s time (WE and by WE I mean ME) to start planning a trip to Disney World. Have you been? I just know H would love it. I would love to incorporate the Disney Wine and Dine run with this trip. We shall see. I mentioned it to M a few months ago and he shot me down before I got the words out of my mouth.


My Garmin broke, for good. Can you please bow with me for a moment of silence?

I digress

I’ve been running el solo

Old school style

Like How Bruce Jenner trained


I’m a watch watcher when I run. I constantly check my distance and pace. It’s terrible. I thought I’d hate it but I like it. I no longer have to play mind games with myself. I can enjoy my run.


Tomorrow I am treating my hard working husband to a massage. Ok ok ok , I’m treating us both to a massage. I work hard too  M loves massages. It’s his happy place. I just don’t have the energy or the hand strength to constantly give him a massage. So tomorrow as a late anniversary present you can find us at the spa. I can’t wait.


Just in case you missed it. The Cardinals beat the Pirates 1-9 yesterday! LOVE POST SEASON BASESBALL!



  1. Do Disney! And do it during the Wine and Dine. Two birds, one stone! I'm debating when will be a good time to take M to DisneyLand. We live like 45 minutes away, and I know there is no way I'm going to be able to dodge the bullet and never take him. However, I'm not taking him at 18 months... I don't want to lose my ti*t.

  2. Is there a great place that y'all go to? I would like to find a good spa in that area. We usually drive to Hot Springs but I would like to find something a little closer.