Wednesday, October 9, 2013


This week I’m saying SO WHAT

1. I skipped my run yesterday. My next half Mary is this Sunday. My longest run has been 10 miles. What’s three more miles? I don’t plan on getting a PR this race.

2. If I fed H McDonald’s yesterday. We were in a hurry and I knew she’d eat it. AND because of a friends FB post about McDonald’s “toy of the month” being the wizard of oz. M and I are obsessed with getting all of the characters. (thanks Samantha) I laughed a little when M said “These will be collectables one day” ha!

3. We are headed to STL this Friday and I have yet to do laundry or pack. When did I become so unorganized?

4. If my response is always “hm..That’s weird” to the “Chatty Cathy” in the office. I’m not listening lady. Please hush.

5.If I’ve spent most of my morning browsing this website. I know someone can use one of these! How cute are they?! I NEED one of these for my precious bottles of wine. Desiree at MACKE MONOLOGUE is hosting a give away. Go over there and check it out!

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oh and GO CARDINALS!!!

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  1. Psh, I rarely run more than 10+ miles before a race. I'm "saving" my legs... At least that's what I tell myself.
    Are you not obsessed with those wine racks?!! Love. Love. Love.