Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 you're out 2013 you're in!

Out with the old and in with the NEW!! See you later 2012.

2012 had it's ups:

Dallas Trips, STL Trips, The BEACH, New Orleans, Seeing M's friends FINALLY get married

and it definitely had it's downs:

We'll just go on and skip this part.

We are more than excited to bring in the new year.
I was totally geared up to go out and party the night away. I even bought a cute little black dress (size 4 HOLLA) and when I brought up the idea of going out tonight. You thought I just told him we were moving to China. I think he used the words "I'd rather stab pencils into my eyeballs" or something to that affect.
In the last 7 years( that right? idk) I don't think we've done more than go to a friends house on NYE. 

We usually cook some fancy meal (and by "cook" I mean pick up curbside) and splurge on the good vodka. 
 I would normally push the going out issue with M but he's been working like  a Hebrew Slave. There is something about 1,000+  people FINALLY getting their electricity back on and then being a little perturbed because their internet/phone doesn't work(people are so needy..gesh). Poor M, he's being working around the clock.

I love the start of a new year. It's like the official blow of the whistle of new things to come.

Like a Genie just granted me 5 wishes for the new year.

5 wishes?
Sure I'll take world peace, yummy cheese dip that have no calories, money...lots of money

1. Run a Marathon: I'm hoping to run Chicago Marathon but I think my friend is getting hitched that weekend, so Chicago is debatable. I'm already committed  to run (1/2)LR, Springfield, and St.Jude

2. Beach: I need to see the beach at least once a year. I would LOVE to go on another group vacation but we shall see. We have a FLORIDA trip planned but that's just to see friends get hitched. I want to go for an extended period of time.
3. Be (continue to be) Happy: Sometimes I just have to stop and realize how blessed I really am. I have to remind myself to shut it and just be happy. Happiness is a good thing. Life can change at any moment. I shall not waste any more time being unhappy.
4. Save more money: ugh it's so hard when you have a shopping addiction with a spending allowance of "Freddy" the homeless guy that hangs outside of McDonald's
5. Make someones day: I have some pretty awesome friends. I want to make it a point to send them a kind note, care package, post card,etc. Just a little something to brighten their day. I never want to take them for advantage and I want them to know just how much I appreciate them.

I wanna talk about MEEEEEEEE

I want to talk about ME ME ME. Remember THIS TOBY KEITH SONG? 
yes, i know.."Amie check your black card"
Have you all seen this A-Z thing? Never to be one not doing what everyone else is doing and miss an opportunity to talk about myself... Here we go!

A. Age: 31 wow..that hurt

B. Bed size: King

C. Chore you hate: I really don't mind chores as in "keeping my house clean" clean house usually means I'm not about to loose my shit. If you have time to lean you have time to clean. Does going to work count as a chore, cause I really despise that. I'd rather sit at home and be a bum.

D. Dogs: One full bread brindle Boxer. The breeder sold us a dream. When does full bread equal dumb dog?
shall we reflect:

E. Essential start to your day: coffee, running, laundry

F. Favorite color: Pink

G. Gold or Silver: Silver

H. Height: 5'2

I. Instruments you play: Piano..a long time ago

J. Job Title: Something not related to my pathetic business degree.

K. Kids: Birth one, inherited one and dreaming of another

L. Live: say huh?

M. Married: To the one and only M

N. Nicknames: Otis or Babe. Which I didn't realize is offense to some people. M never calls me by my name it's always BABE. You should see the way people look at him when he calls me babe in public.

O. Overnight hospital stays: When I had H

P. Pet peeve: saran wrap on Tupperware containers. They have lids for a reason people! USE THEM.

Q. Quote: "Running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you put into it"
Oprah Winfrey

R. Righty or Lefty:  Lefty

S. Siblings: One Sister. She's the best. I love me some her.

T. Time you wake up: 5am

U. University attended: Saint Louis University.

V. Vegetables you dislike: I love all things vegetables

W. What makes you run late: Being low on gas,H, getting caught up in a T.V., being lost

X. X-rays you've had: hand (broken) Ankle (fractured) Teeth/Mouth (Girl loves her sweets)

Y. Yummy food: IMO'S Pizza, oreo's and all things cheese.

Z. Zoo animal favorite: Giraffe, Zebra, elephant. Pretty Much everything.


Saturday, December 29, 2012

Dang Cold Weather

My mom asked me bright and early this morning if I wanted to go shopping today. I thought about it and said No, thanks I'm broke I'd rather stay home and clean my house.

What is wrong with me?

 I love Christmas but I LOVE having all that stuff put away.

 I haven't showered yet and it's 3:29 PM. I woke up had my cup of coffee (with bailey's thanks to my sweet husband who now realizes I'm a little more fun with a tiny bit of alcohol in my system.) and started putting the Christmas décor away.

There is something about the end of the holiday's, that triggers  my OCD. I immediately want to: clean the house, go through H's toy and get ride of what usually ends up being 5 toys, rearrange the house, paint something, and pretty much drive everyone insane.

This weather better warm up fast before my husband serves me my papers.

 I chalk up this built up energy to it being too cold to run outside. I just sit inside and drink I mean bake and think of things I want to change in this house. Like the front door. I really think I need to paint it red.

I better get a grip. OR deal with running on the treadmill. I haven't touched the dreadmill in quite awhile and I'm totally not touching that biotch until January 1, 2013. Then it's on like donkey kong. Morning runs, everyday runs, shoot me in the face I only have a few days left until it starts.

I'm a much happier person when I am running. Just ask M, who recently got chewed a new one because he didn't ask if I was ok when I dropped a book on my foot. yep true Hollywood story. girl needs to get outside and run.

Who else is ready for 2013? This girl is!

and just because she's so cute...

yep, someone got a (REAL) microphone and stand for Christmas she can work the crowd...and yes, we are still watching the wizard of oz all day everyday!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Snow Day

I'm learning to be more and more careful of  what I wish for. Like the time I wished for snow, because it just didn't feel like Christmas. Yeah, that snow storm showed up on Christmas night. I'm all for a little snow here and there but I want that white slushy stuff gone when I'm ready to hit up the after Christmas sales.
I've always been a fan of the "snow-less" winters here in Arkansas. Last year we had a "teenie tiny just barely a frost" of a snow. I was tickled pink. So when the word hit the street that we were getting snow, I brushed it off. Then I looked outside and I could have sworn we were in Alaska. The snow was falling like crazy.

Thankfully, all state employees received  a ....SNOW day.

 Woot Woot! My sister is still in town so we took the opportunity to play in the snow.

It's ok, you can laugh at out snow-"mound" He only has one ear. H insisted.


My crack head, semi specialthinks he's a catI'm about to take him to the pound boxer LOVES the snow.
It took a lot of bribing to get both of these guys in the house.
So we sit here for our 2nd snow day. I'm in no way complaining. I mean I love being at home with H, my sister and M who is pretending to "W.F.H". I'm just saying I'm running low on wine. I PRAYING we have another snow day tomorrow, but seeing as the road look A-OK, I bet I have to work. ugh, but at least it's Friday. Looking back, I haven't left the house much since last Friday. Yes, a much needed break. BUT I have had these guys yelling "eat me"
I have not ran one time and I've drank my weight in VODKA, and Eggnog.
I'm recharging myself and staying the heck away from my scale.
I'm semi looking forward to the first of the year when I can start my detox and my training for the LR Marathon. You know get back on track. OH and come the first of the year, hotel Lassen will be closed and only open to people with the last name of Lassen. Not that I don't love wearing a bra 24/7 the company, I am looking forward to having the house to just us...*insert baby making music*
I leave you with a picture that absolutely melts my heart.
She's getting better and better and remembering to say her prayers at meal time.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone had a great holiday. All that hard word and we are done. I'm partially excited that the holidays are over and we can get back to the norm. but the other part of me LOVES the holiday decorations, the hussel and bussel of shopping aka just shopping. Let's be honest.
D came for a short visit. We love when he comes. Mainly because we get cute pictures like this.

I melt.

Christmas Eve, we did our dysfunctional traditions. Mexican and Margarita's.

YUM! I drank so many margarita's I mean,We ate so much Mexican we decided to change our names to Juan, Lucinda, Maria and Diego. We ended the night driving around and looking at Christmas lights. H was excited for about 2.5 seconds and then repeatedly said "I go home mama" I go home" ugh...doesn't she know we're trying to make memories girl?

Once we got home she tore through her stocking.

And opened our Christmas Jammies
And then proceeded to put stickers on her head.

I couldn't wait for H to wake up Christmas morning. She ran out of her room and got right on her jumper and jumped long enough for me to enjoy coffee and a devotional.

She loved the jumper. I mean  love, jumped all day long.

And here comes the photo dump:
How sweet is she with her baby?
Uncle Neil got her a Barbie play house. I had no idea she'd be this excited. She could care less about the other gifts.
Merry Christmas

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


As I await for H to get up this morning. Which I am so excited to see her open her gifts.

I thought I'd enjoy a little coffee and some Jesus. My devotional this morning was right on key. Isn't it amazing how the Holy Spirit always leads you to the right word. LOVE IT!

I'm a big fan of Joel Osteen. He came to my church back in STL. I was in awe. LOVE me some him.

I knew this day would be hard for all of us, so I thought I'd prepare myself with the WORD OF GOD before everyone woke up and the madness started. What a better way to start Christmas than with the word.You know put the armor of God on. The devil is BUSY (seriously, he has shown his ugly head these past few days) It is necessary to renew your MIND everyday lately in this home)

Today, The message was talking about Mary.

Mary was just a humble, teenage girl living in Nazareth. It was one of the poorest, most rundown cities of that region, and she didn't have any notoriety to speak of. One day, an angel appeared and said, "Mary, you are highly favored of God. You're going to give birth to a son without knowing a man. He will be the Son of God."

Can you imagine this, someone telling you A. your about to give birth (without a man) and B. He will be the Son of God.

"What the What?"

That's serious stuff.

Mary believed, but she did have one question. She answered the angel and said, "I believe this promise will come to pass. I'm in agreement, but how is this going to happen?"

I often ask myself, How Lord? How? What should I do? What should I say? Should I buy these shoes? lol..Kidding..

 I KNOW things will come to pass but I just don't know HOW. How God are we going to get through this? HOW?

How are we going to get through this? (are you ready for this...)

The Most High God, the Great I Am, the Creator of the universe is going to overshadow you. Friend, when God enters the scene, miracles happen. Supernatural opportunities come your way. Family members that were off course will suddenly turn around. Problems that looked permanent will turn out to be only temporary.

GOD is so God. God is so FAITHFUL.

Here is the part I love, the part that God says "OK AMIE DO THIS"

dig your heals in and do your part. Get into agreement with God's Word. Receive His promises and obey His commands. It won't be long before His Spirit overshadows you and brings life and miracles into your circumstances!

Can a sister girl get an AMEN!!

And all of God's children say...AMEN!!

And one to grow on... AMEN!!

Now it's time to start the festivities...

Happy Birthday JESUS!

Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Are you sure Christmas is 6 days away?

It sure doesn't feel like Christmas. I mean really. Of course we have been running around like banshees since November and things are finally getting back to normal. HAHA who the heck am I kidding, since when is 2 live in guest I kid. We love being the Lassen extended stay. In fact I've changed our answering machine to say:
Thank you for calling hotel Lassen, unless you are Channing Tatum (naked) we are out of rooms, so please carry your ass to the closest Holiday Inn.

True Story, THERE IS NO ROOM AT THE INN. Move along :)

We are back in our normal routine of work, dance, home, dinner, pretend to clean, pretend to actually run, love each other, sing kumbya etc etc. Of course there are a few tears, long walks alone but we are making it. We're Lassen's! We're strong. Actually I'm a Lassen by marriage.My ass is a Washington and I am weak and a HUGE baby and I don't do well with change, but what can you do. Adjust and move along.

It just does NOT feel like Christmas.

Of course our tree is up, our house is decorated and without a doubt I have spend a ridiculous amount of money on H and D for Christmas. BUT is just doesn't feel like Christmas. Maybe it's because it's 70 degree's today. Maybe it's because we are not in STL, maybe it's because L is not here, Maybe it's because there is no gift under the tree for me. (why do men wait until the LAST minute for everything? So help me God if there is a Walgreen's bag under that tree with my name on it, We will be short one M in this house.)

I know I don't do the whole "let's tell our kids this random guy slides his big ass belly down our chimney and leaves gifts under the tree, grabs a cookie a sip of milk that has been sitting out all night and then quietly lets himself out (without triggering the alarm system or his country bumpkin dad who owns a gun" yeah that guy. I think we should go see him for picture sake, you know make memories and stuff, H doesn't have a clue who he is. she'll probably freak. That's why I'm making my 16 yr old son go.
The things 16 yr old do just to drive the car. (which by the way I can't wait to see his face this weekend!) I love me some him.

So that's the plan, screw cleaning the house, enjoy family, pray for snow, be thankful for the family that is here, no tears, give more hints to DIAMONDS for Christmas not gift cards, lotion or jumper cables from Walgreen's, BLESS M. And just enjoy time with the family.

And really be thankful for:
roof over my head
healthy kids
days off work
wine.. I mean grapes
Running..oh I miss you long runs. YEP I said it. I can't wait to get back on my running routine
great friends
etc. etc.

See, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday Mumbles


Why You Treat Me So Bad, yep bringing that song back. Apparently it's Way Back Week. The pimple face dweeb at Wal-Mart totally called me out for buying NSYNC Home for Christmas album. I couldn't resist $5.00. It's a good CD.

So Monday showed its ugly face at 3am. Poor H was coughing up her lunch, dinner, milk and what's left of her lungs. Poor girl can't get over this cough. I can't remember the last time we've slept in our bed alone through the night.

I stayed up way to late boozing it with the cool kids writing Christmas cards and singing Tina Turner Style to my new NSYNC CD.

So needless to say, when I walked into work and only stayed 17minutes it was for the best. It would have taken 1.5 seconds for one person to look at me wrong and it would be on like donkey kong. No sleep and no running eqauls. Shaniqua...A.K.A. My alter ego. She's exisit. just ask M every month around the 4th. BE SCARED.

Thankfully, I was able to get H into the doctor this morning. Why is it when you take a sick child to the doctor the minute they walk into the door all symptoms are GONE. H was practically skipping and singing  "Walking on Sunshine" I mean happy as poor folks on the first of the month. So of course the doctor was like "um, what are her symptoms?

So I pretty much paid $25.00 for her to think I'm an idiot, 3 Blues Clue Stickers and for her to tell me my child is beautiful. I'm in the WRONG business. She chalked it up to allergies. Now we wait for the pharamist to rape call me to pick up H's $45.00 antibiotics. Again Monday, "why you treat me so bad?"

I'm usually all for taking a "recharge day with H" but today was our Christmas party. Don't worry, I let M know how I always make sacrifices,miss the fun stuff, let our child use my shirt as a Kleenex, birth her, got stretch marks, etc then I slowed my roll because I remember he hasn't seen the CC bill or BOUGHT my Christmas gift. I kid I kid...

So here we are watching The Wizard of OZ for the 43,256 time today. H now has a "Toto in a basket" and she sings and dances "follow the yellow brick road" as she laps the living room. I DIE! It's totally worth siting at home eating my weight in Christmas cookies and playing with H. I could clean the shit storm that went through my home but I wouldn't want to hurt myself. Plus my nails are still a little wet.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

How Beautiful...

I’ll try not to get too emotional. But.
I can’t get this song out of my mind since they played this song at Linda's service
I’ll spare you the singing and just show you the link.
How Beautiful the hands that served
The Wine and the Bread and the sons of the earth
How beautiful the feet that walked
The long dusty road and the hill to the cross
How Beautiful, how beautiful, how beautiful is the body of Christ
How Beautiful the heart that bled
That took all my sins and bore it instead
How beautiful the tender eyes
That choose to forgive and never despise
How beautiful, how beautiful, how beautiful is the body of Christ
And as He lay down His life
We offer this sacrifice
That we will live just as He died
Willing to pay the price
Willing to pay the price
How Beautiful the radiant bride
Who waits for her Groom with His light in her eyes
How Beautiful when humble hearts give
The fruit of pure love so that others may live
How beautiful, how beautiful, how beautiful is the body of Christ
How beautiful the feet that bring
The sound of good news and the love of the King
How Beautiful the hands that serve
The wine and the bread and the sons of the Earth
How Beautiful, how beautiful, how beautiful is the body of Christ
YEP…and I’m crying.
So as they played this at Linda’s service I thought what an appropriate song. How beautiful. Beautiful as in Heaven, Beautiful as in the body of Christ. How beautiful
Side note:
When my grandma Nellie passed. I was so heartbroken.
I loved me some her.
She was an angel on earth. Best lady EVER! When she passed I was devastated. Unbelievable pain. Then I had a dream. I may be slightly crazy but hey who isn’t?
So I had this dream about Grandma Nellie. She was standing in her blue shirt (with flour from baking like always on her shirt) and her pink skirt. That she wore all the time. She stood there and said:
My translation. Heaven. She was telling me how BEAUTIFUL heaven was.
A little far fetched I know,  but I was in mourning and sought comfort in anything.
Go ahead, call me crazy but I swear that was God. Giving me peace that she was in heaven and at peace.
Back to our regular scheduled story:
When Linda and I talked about her cancer. Well she talked I cried.
 She’s say “Stop it” "It’s ok Amie. It’s ok."
I thought, seriously it’s ok Linda?
I wanted to scream "IT’S NOT OK". "IT’S SO.... NOT OK!"
So as I sat in her service. I thought of grandma Nellie and I thought hmmm…wonder who is fighting over Christopher? I wonder what they are doing? I hope they are friends. I hope Linda tells Grandma Nellie EVERYTHING about Hannah. I hope they both are watching over me (watching, just watching). Linda promised to NEVER show herself to me aka Ghost. Yes we had that morbid convo. I can’t handle ghost and spirits.
Linda said, you better act right or I’ll haunt you.
Wow we are so inappropriate.
Anyway…as the song played..I cried. I cried with comfort knowing that really everything is OK. It's OK because of Jesus. and because of what Jesus did on that cross.
How beautiful is the body of Christ.
Really think about that. How BEAUTIFUL is the body of Christ.
He did something that no other person can do and will do.
Because of His body, because of His sacrifice we will have EVERLASTING life.
How beautiful.
How grateful I am for the body of Christ.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Things that make me smile

  1.  M driving all 6.5 hours to STL. The plan was for him to take the “first shift” wake me and then I take over. I’m pretty sure I entered Lala land before we left the subdivision and I woke up in my parent’s garage 6.5 hours later. BLESS HIM
  2.  Waking up early in my parents’ house, leaving M a “Dear John” letter stating that I was going for a run in Tower Grove Park. Oh running is the best therapy.
  3.  Waking my Bestie up with a text that said “unravel yourself from Romeo’s arms, get dressed and meet me in TG park for a run. I totally felt like SR.
  4.  Running 4 miles and decided that we’d rather go home and make pancakes and bacon. Not so much like SR
  5.  Having a lazy day at my parents’ house. There really is no place like home. And the homemade cookies helped.
  6.  Having drinks, dinner and laughing…lots of laughing with friends this past weekend. I now get what M means when he says “my friendsare my family”
  7.  H puking on M. Poor baby. Puking in the middle of the night is never good. But when H puke and I was so glad it wasn’t on me. (seriously M is the best dad ever.)
  8.  Stepping into H& M. SERIOUSLY LOVE THIS STORE!!!
  9.  Getting a “13.1 finisher “necklace from my BFF
  10.  Seeing my BFF at the funeral. What a great surprise.She.Is.The.Best.EVER
  11. Getting all the “thinking of you”, “love you guys” you’re in my thoughts and prayers” messages from friends and family.
  12. Having brunch at First Watch with my sis and Maryann
  13. Wine, Wine makes me smile a lot
  14. Running, Man I love  runing
  15. Seeing Devin this past weekend.
  16. Knowing Linda is at peace and out of pain

Thursday, December 6, 2012

I never knew

Sometimes life throws you a few curve balls. Most of the time you can swerve and miss them. Sometimes they hit you smack in the face. This time I feel like life has punch throat my family and then stole our lunch money. WOW.

I never knew how much pain cancer can cause a entire family. She may be the one with cancer but we all suffer. We are all in pain. This is all so shitty.

I never knew how hard it would be to watch M as his mother slipped further and further from life.

There will be no more Linda Lou apple pies, no more random goodwill buys, no more bitching about banging and clanging in the kitchen at 4am because she wanted toast. No more talks about the real housewives. No more sitting outside watching the hummingbirds. H will have no more dance parties with her Mawmaw. God I'd give anything to hear her glide her noisy house shoes across the hard wood floors.

I never knew that she would love me as her own. That even though I was thirty + she would ALWAYS tell me to put my seat belt on. She would drive me crazy at times, like every mother does but I would give anything for her to open her eyes and say just anything.

I never knew how hard it would be to watch someone's heart beat, lungs pump air but them be so far away from life. She's just there. THERE. Out of touch with life and in the hands of Jesus.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuesday Thoughts.

I finally made an appointment with the “Dr. Feel good” as M likes to call her.
 She LOVES to hand out any and all type of prescription meds. She’s great and came highly recommend by Samantha.
My hip has been jacked up since October. She gave me two options A. Game over and I should shut it down and send me to the Glue factory or B. a high dose of anti-inflammatory
Of course I took the meds
Ugh. I don’t mind  “vino veins” but I’m not a big fan of meds flowing through my system.
We’re trying it for a month and then she recommend a cortisone shot.
So, basically I paid $25.00 for her to tell me I have beginning stages of arthritis and inflation.
 I’m in the wrong business.
“Dr. Feel good” was telling me how her daughter is running the Little Rock Marathon. She said she didn’t want to put on the “freshmen ten” so she sign her McDonald’s eating butt up for the marathon. WOW who does that? I’m impressed.
I planned on taking December off to rest and shove my face with delicious fatty foods but I just can’t.  I really feel the need to run. Not so much far but I need to run for my sanity. Plus it gives me a reason NOT to do the INSANITY Work out. Who brought that mess into my house? That is no joke. I barely made it through the witness test.
Next topic up for rambling...So why do I feel the sudden urge to take a day off work to clean my house? Not that I live on Nasty Lane but things need to get done I.E laundry, dusting, finishing Christmas decorations and Cleaning out my DVR while drinking wine definitely counts as house cleaning. Right?
Last topic of Rambling.
My Husband.  I love me some him. Bless him for putting up with my mode swings, OCD, long runs, student loans, random diets, and my no sleeping with a fan on rule.
And just because she's so dang cute, here's a picture of H. Can you tell she's my child!


Well we did it.
13.1 freaking miles! Seriously SO PROUD OF US!! We are so doing St. Jude again. next year
Friday after I nursed my coughing toddler back to health. I dropped her off at the sitters and headed to Memphis TN. There I was to meet Lauren, Marcia (and her new main squeeze M. I don’t think he knew what he was getting into. A weekend with all girls…Isn’t’ new love sweet and naïve)
We arrived in Memphis around 2pm. We checked into our hotel and headed to the EXPO. I guess I was expecting red carpet and celebrities. I just assumed that it would be a large party with runner’s stretching and chit chatting over Raspberry Shock Bloks. It was none the less. We were there all of 25 minutes. We did however get nice parting gifts.
We had some time to kill until my mom made it to Memphis so we headed over to bar. (cause we’re supposed to carb load right?) I can’t even tell you how ridiculous this bar was. 
Example A:
Marcia: what kind of wine you have?
Waitress: “OH we have all kinds...White, Red…there’s so many I don’t know them all”
ME: CRICKETS…MOUTH OPEN  …waiting for  Ashton Kutcher to yell “You’ve been punked.”
Marcia: don’t worry I’ll go look. seriously girl went to the bar and looked.
So against my better judgment we had a glass of wine before dinner. Dinner ended up being super late and totally not worth the calories. I was really worried about not getting rest but there was something about a glass of wine, a comfy bed and not having H’s foot in my rib that made me sleep like a baby.
My alarm went off at 5:00 am. I stretched, ate, stretched, drank water, drank tons of water and was ready to leave by 6:45am.
Once we got downtown, it hit me. YOU ARE REALLY ABOUT TO DO THIS!!
 Marcia and I lined up in our corral (after our photo op) prayed and in no time we were off.
They started each corral 2 minutes apart. Which helped the madness of 18,000 runners all running towards the same place.  How I didn’t fall I don’t know. It was totally mayhem. Cia and I ran the first mile together high fived each other and then she disappeared in a sea of people.
Right on key around mile 2 my hip hurt. BAD. I ignored it and kept running. Then I had a sudden urge to use the restroom. UGH. I despise Port-a Potties. I then recall all of the photo’s we made Mark and Lauren take of us before the race and I realize I didn’t use the bathroom. DUM DUM! I tried to ignore the urge but I just couldn’t. So I did the nastiest thing in the world… I used the port-a potty! UGH!
It was quick but I had to use it. I convinced myself that I caught 3 strands of something for just touching the door. So gross, thankfully there was a water station near so I grabbed a cup of water and tried to wash my hands (I guess I forgot I was running a race. Cleanliness is right up there with Godliness) I quickly poured the water over my hands and tossed the cup into a huge trash can full of fresh Gatorade. WHOOPS. NOW WE ALL HAVE COOTIES.
I ran fast to make up the time. The faster I ran the worse my hip felt I knew I had to keep going. So I did.
Can I just say, I cried like a baby during this race. I had no idea how emotional this race would be. Seeing the children out cheering for the runners. I cried. Seeing the parents holding signs that read “THANK YOU”. I cried. Seeing “running in memory of Jacob. I cried. Seriously the first 6 miles cried and prayed. Prayed for people I didn’t know, prayed for my family. Thanked Jesus for blessing me and my family with health. Something I never want to take for granted.
Soon, I got it together and ran and ran. I had no idea how fast this race would go.
Final time 2:13. I’ll take it.
I couldn't have done this without the support of my husband! Thanks babe! A girls weekend is totally worth coming home to a hot mess home.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Three Things Thursday

I'm home with a sick baby, a baby with a fever a teething toddler. Bless her heart. She had a 101 temp this morning. I'm chalking it up to the 3 I-Teeth that are ALL coming in at once. I noticed some coughing and sneezing but I chalked that up to cheap perfume. The sitter called me just as I finished coffee klatch at the office. I wasn't really feeling work today anyway. So she didn't have to tell me twice.
My little sweetie is running a fever but you wouldn't know it. So here we are eating popsicles and watching Brave. Which is adorable watching with a 2 year old. She keeps say "ooh...Amazing"
When M gets home tonight and the house is still a mess and realizes its take out for dinner I'll tell him I was too busy blogging giving H tender love and care all day. When duty calls...
Let's play. "Guess Amie's Race Time"  It all comes down to one race. All this hard work, all this training, all the nights of trading beer & wine for water... wait that never happened. My goal has always been to finish in under 2 hours. That was before the "Granny Hip" kicked in. Now I just want to finish the race. I'm scheduled to see a doctor after the race to see what's really going on. Until then I will rely on M and his "professional advice" and BIO FREEZE .  So after the race we are headed to Beale Street for a girls night out. I'll be the one  wreaking of menthol wearing my compression socks. YEP My Milk Shake brings all the boys to the yard!!!
Despite everything that is going on right now. I am feeling very blessed. Going to STL for Thanksgiving was just what I needed. I got to spend some great time with Marcia, Jaimie , Renee, and I tried to stalk Stacey but she was too busy popping out a 9pound adorable baby boy (congrats). I absolutely love these girls. Then family came over and we laughed and drank wine while looking at black Friday ads. Seriously there really is no place like home. It was great to get away. It was even better getting home to M.  I no longer wanted to dip his toothbrush in the toilet. It's amazing what a few days away from each other will do. I kid. I kid

Anyway that's a few tidbits of my crazy life right now. Wish me luck this weekend!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Gobble! Gobble! Gobble!
I LOVE Thanksgiving. Yes it’s the one day that I can shove my mom’s homemade (everything) mac and cheese down my throat all day and not give a darn.
After the Turkey Trot
Excuse the mess. It's amazing how quickly I can destroy the guest room. Maybe next time they'll leave my bedroom alone.
I came home and showered. I immediately put my "June Clever Apron" on and got to cooking in the kitchen with my mom.
 Lol yeah right. I unscrewed the top to my wine bottle and sat my happy butt down at the dining room table and looked through black Friday ads with my sis.
Hannah and her Granny!
Eventually more and more friends and family showed up around the table with wine.
I laugh so hard at my parents house my cheeks hurt.
H would like to tell everyone Happy Thanksgiving in her usually dainty voice.
We ate drank and went Black Friday Shopping. Sounds like a great STL trip to me.

Turkey Trot 2012

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.
Seriously Thanksgiving? Where does the time go?
Before I gorged myself in Thanksgiving Yummies. I got my ass up and ran a 10k with Marcia
When I was on my “I can’t stop signing up for runs” high. I convinced myself that I needed to be like the other 1,000 people in Webster Groves, Mo and run a 10k on Thanksgiving. I'm so glad I did.
I got up around 5am and quietly rumbled through all of my 3 suitcases for my running gear. I so should have laid everything out the night before but I was too busy chatting it up with my family. (I LOVE being in STL) Even though I slacked on my weekly runs, I ran on Tuesday but only a light run. I was still nursing my hip. I felt pretty good about my run.
After I searched around for my outfit. I ate a lunar bar and drank some water. I’m still working on my pre-run nutrition. I’m just not that hungry before runs. PLUS I don’t want  be running and end up having a moment. “YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN IT”S GOING TO HIT YA”  What? TMI?

So anyways, I headed down to pick up my bestie Marcia. Who has recently declared her independence and moved to a new place on her own. So I wanted to get there with plenty of time to snoop look around her place. Which is ADORABLE! Totally sex in the city Webster Grove's style.
We headed to downtown Webster. Chatting the entire way like high school girls.
It was pretty dang cold outside. I totally was not prepared for the artic.
Marcia looked adorable in her XL-T-shirt made into a Pocahontas costume.
It was adorable. I however can’t follow directions and JACKED my costume up. I think the words were “I look like I’ve been attached by Edward scissor hands"
I was able to borrow an old costume from a co-worker but It ended up not working.
So I stuck with just the headband. We did get plenty of “you guys look adorable” comments.
After our trips to the nasty port-a potties we headed for the start line. We had planned on running together. But she gave me energy gels and I swear it was like crack. I took off. Then I looked to myself and didn’t see Marcia so I slowed my roll and found her. Then I looked back and she was gone again. I looked back again and she gave me a little “it’s ok” and I kept running. I thought maybe I’d look at my pace and I was at 8:23. WHAT?! Say HUH? What were in those things? SO then it turned into a personal goal. Stay under 9minutes. (sorry Marcia, I’ve got problems) And I did. I ran my little heart out. It did help that my hip was in check and by in check I mean I could run like I was 31 (ouch that hurt to write) and not 81.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Webster groves. It’s such a small friendly community. You should have seen the crowd that was out there cheering people on. One kid even had donuts. (which I seriously considered stopping and shoving the entire plate down my throat) oh, and the scenery was beautiful too.

All in all it was a nice run. I PR’d! 53 minutes! I’ll take it.


I absolutely cannot wait to get to Memphis Saturday and drink it up with my girls on Beale Street- I mean run my half marathon