Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Things that make me smile

  1.  M driving all 6.5 hours to STL. The plan was for him to take the “first shift” wake me and then I take over. I’m pretty sure I entered Lala land before we left the subdivision and I woke up in my parent’s garage 6.5 hours later. BLESS HIM
  2.  Waking up early in my parents’ house, leaving M a “Dear John” letter stating that I was going for a run in Tower Grove Park. Oh running is the best therapy.
  3.  Waking my Bestie up with a text that said “unravel yourself from Romeo’s arms, get dressed and meet me in TG park for a run. I totally felt like SR.
  4.  Running 4 miles and decided that we’d rather go home and make pancakes and bacon. Not so much like SR
  5.  Having a lazy day at my parents’ house. There really is no place like home. And the homemade cookies helped.
  6.  Having drinks, dinner and laughing…lots of laughing with friends this past weekend. I now get what M means when he says “my friendsare my family”
  7.  H puking on M. Poor baby. Puking in the middle of the night is never good. But when H puke and I was so glad it wasn’t on me. (seriously M is the best dad ever.)
  8.  Stepping into H& M. SERIOUSLY LOVE THIS STORE!!!
  9.  Getting a “13.1 finisher “necklace from my BFF
  10.  Seeing my BFF at the funeral. What a great surprise.She.Is.The.Best.EVER
  11. Getting all the “thinking of you”, “love you guys” you’re in my thoughts and prayers” messages from friends and family.
  12. Having brunch at First Watch with my sis and Maryann
  13. Wine, Wine makes me smile a lot
  14. Running, Man I love  runing
  15. Seeing Devin this past weekend.
  16. Knowing Linda is at peace and out of pain

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