Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuesday Thoughts.

I finally made an appointment with the “Dr. Feel good” as M likes to call her.
 She LOVES to hand out any and all type of prescription meds. She’s great and came highly recommend by Samantha.
My hip has been jacked up since October. She gave me two options A. Game over and I should shut it down and send me to the Glue factory or B. a high dose of anti-inflammatory
Of course I took the meds
Ugh. I don’t mind  “vino veins” but I’m not a big fan of meds flowing through my system.
We’re trying it for a month and then she recommend a cortisone shot.
So, basically I paid $25.00 for her to tell me I have beginning stages of arthritis and inflation.
 I’m in the wrong business.
“Dr. Feel good” was telling me how her daughter is running the Little Rock Marathon. She said she didn’t want to put on the “freshmen ten” so she sign her McDonald’s eating butt up for the marathon. WOW who does that? I’m impressed.
I planned on taking December off to rest and shove my face with delicious fatty foods but I just can’t.  I really feel the need to run. Not so much far but I need to run for my sanity. Plus it gives me a reason NOT to do the INSANITY Work out. Who brought that mess into my house? That is no joke. I barely made it through the witness test.
Next topic up for rambling...So why do I feel the sudden urge to take a day off work to clean my house? Not that I live on Nasty Lane but things need to get done I.E laundry, dusting, finishing Christmas decorations and Cleaning out my DVR while drinking wine definitely counts as house cleaning. Right?
Last topic of Rambling.
My Husband.  I love me some him. Bless him for putting up with my mode swings, OCD, long runs, student loans, random diets, and my no sleeping with a fan on rule.
And just because she's so dang cute, here's a picture of H. Can you tell she's my child!

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