Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 you're out 2013 you're in!

Out with the old and in with the NEW!! See you later 2012.

2012 had it's ups:

Dallas Trips, STL Trips, The BEACH, New Orleans, Seeing M's friends FINALLY get married

and it definitely had it's downs:

We'll just go on and skip this part.

We are more than excited to bring in the new year.
I was totally geared up to go out and party the night away. I even bought a cute little black dress (size 4 HOLLA) and when I brought up the idea of going out tonight. You thought I just told him we were moving to China. I think he used the words "I'd rather stab pencils into my eyeballs" or something to that affect.
In the last 7 years( that right? idk) I don't think we've done more than go to a friends house on NYE. 

We usually cook some fancy meal (and by "cook" I mean pick up curbside) and splurge on the good vodka. 
 I would normally push the going out issue with M but he's been working like  a Hebrew Slave. There is something about 1,000+  people FINALLY getting their electricity back on and then being a little perturbed because their internet/phone doesn't work(people are so needy..gesh). Poor M, he's being working around the clock.

I love the start of a new year. It's like the official blow of the whistle of new things to come.

Like a Genie just granted me 5 wishes for the new year.

5 wishes?
Sure I'll take world peace, yummy cheese dip that have no calories, money...lots of money

1. Run a Marathon: I'm hoping to run Chicago Marathon but I think my friend is getting hitched that weekend, so Chicago is debatable. I'm already committed  to run (1/2)LR, Springfield, and St.Jude

2. Beach: I need to see the beach at least once a year. I would LOVE to go on another group vacation but we shall see. We have a FLORIDA trip planned but that's just to see friends get hitched. I want to go for an extended period of time.
3. Be (continue to be) Happy: Sometimes I just have to stop and realize how blessed I really am. I have to remind myself to shut it and just be happy. Happiness is a good thing. Life can change at any moment. I shall not waste any more time being unhappy.
4. Save more money: ugh it's so hard when you have a shopping addiction with a spending allowance of "Freddy" the homeless guy that hangs outside of McDonald's
5. Make someones day: I have some pretty awesome friends. I want to make it a point to send them a kind note, care package, post card,etc. Just a little something to brighten their day. I never want to take them for advantage and I want them to know just how much I appreciate them.

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  1. We should run a full at St. Jude! Great - you agree :)