Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday Mumbles


Why You Treat Me So Bad, yep bringing that song back. Apparently it's Way Back Week. The pimple face dweeb at Wal-Mart totally called me out for buying NSYNC Home for Christmas album. I couldn't resist $5.00. It's a good CD.

So Monday showed its ugly face at 3am. Poor H was coughing up her lunch, dinner, milk and what's left of her lungs. Poor girl can't get over this cough. I can't remember the last time we've slept in our bed alone through the night.

I stayed up way to late boozing it with the cool kids writing Christmas cards and singing Tina Turner Style to my new NSYNC CD.

So needless to say, when I walked into work and only stayed 17minutes it was for the best. It would have taken 1.5 seconds for one person to look at me wrong and it would be on like donkey kong. No sleep and no running eqauls. Shaniqua...A.K.A. My alter ego. She's exisit. just ask M every month around the 4th. BE SCARED.

Thankfully, I was able to get H into the doctor this morning. Why is it when you take a sick child to the doctor the minute they walk into the door all symptoms are GONE. H was practically skipping and singing  "Walking on Sunshine" I mean happy as poor folks on the first of the month. So of course the doctor was like "um, what are her symptoms?

So I pretty much paid $25.00 for her to think I'm an idiot, 3 Blues Clue Stickers and for her to tell me my child is beautiful. I'm in the WRONG business. She chalked it up to allergies. Now we wait for the pharamist to rape call me to pick up H's $45.00 antibiotics. Again Monday, "why you treat me so bad?"

I'm usually all for taking a "recharge day with H" but today was our Christmas party. Don't worry, I let M know how I always make sacrifices,miss the fun stuff, let our child use my shirt as a Kleenex, birth her, got stretch marks, etc then I slowed my roll because I remember he hasn't seen the CC bill or BOUGHT my Christmas gift. I kid I kid...

So here we are watching The Wizard of OZ for the 43,256 time today. H now has a "Toto in a basket" and she sings and dances "follow the yellow brick road" as she laps the living room. I DIE! It's totally worth siting at home eating my weight in Christmas cookies and playing with H. I could clean the shit storm that went through my home but I wouldn't want to hurt myself. Plus my nails are still a little wet.

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