Thursday, December 27, 2012

Snow Day

I'm learning to be more and more careful of  what I wish for. Like the time I wished for snow, because it just didn't feel like Christmas. Yeah, that snow storm showed up on Christmas night. I'm all for a little snow here and there but I want that white slushy stuff gone when I'm ready to hit up the after Christmas sales.
I've always been a fan of the "snow-less" winters here in Arkansas. Last year we had a "teenie tiny just barely a frost" of a snow. I was tickled pink. So when the word hit the street that we were getting snow, I brushed it off. Then I looked outside and I could have sworn we were in Alaska. The snow was falling like crazy.

Thankfully, all state employees received  a ....SNOW day.

 Woot Woot! My sister is still in town so we took the opportunity to play in the snow.

It's ok, you can laugh at out snow-"mound" He only has one ear. H insisted.


My crack head, semi specialthinks he's a catI'm about to take him to the pound boxer LOVES the snow.
It took a lot of bribing to get both of these guys in the house.
So we sit here for our 2nd snow day. I'm in no way complaining. I mean I love being at home with H, my sister and M who is pretending to "W.F.H". I'm just saying I'm running low on wine. I PRAYING we have another snow day tomorrow, but seeing as the road look A-OK, I bet I have to work. ugh, but at least it's Friday. Looking back, I haven't left the house much since last Friday. Yes, a much needed break. BUT I have had these guys yelling "eat me"
I have not ran one time and I've drank my weight in VODKA, and Eggnog.
I'm recharging myself and staying the heck away from my scale.
I'm semi looking forward to the first of the year when I can start my detox and my training for the LR Marathon. You know get back on track. OH and come the first of the year, hotel Lassen will be closed and only open to people with the last name of Lassen. Not that I don't love wearing a bra 24/7 the company, I am looking forward to having the house to just us...*insert baby making music*
I leave you with a picture that absolutely melts my heart.
She's getting better and better and remembering to say her prayers at meal time.

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