Friday, September 13, 2013

Five on Friday

High Five for Friday!!!!

This has been a semi crazy week with all the shenanigans of leaving town this Sunday. I do have to say, I’m walking with a little pep in my step, knowing that this is my last day of work for a week.

Here’s my five on Friday:

1.Tomorrow is my sweet mom’s birthday! She’s turning 25 again (for the 2nd time plus 3…carry the one… you get it) with me being in AR and her in MO, I usually don’t get to spend her birthday with her. So this year it’s a special treat to have her here with us. Happy Birthday MOM!!

This is from her "25+25" Birthday Party. Isn't she cute!

2.I don’t know about you but when the weather turns to fall/winter I’m ready to give the inside of my house a little tender love and care, but not in the cleaning sense. More of the, I want to paint the walls and re decorate. M and I moved in this house 4 years ago. I had JUST had Hannah, like left the hospital and had to go sign the papers. It was a nightmare but M was determined to get us into a house. Needless to say, when we moved in there was no painting or really any decorating done. So, It is my personal challenge to get ride of all the “natural” wall color and put some KAZAAA up in there! So my first project for this season is the master bedroom. Check out my inspiration board (thanks to pinterest) Stay tuned folks.

3.I don’t know what has gotten into me. I have run ALL of my runs this week on the treadmill. I’ve only done my long runs outside. I’m not sure if this is going to help or hinder me for my race that is less than a month away!!

4.I came across Paisely Maries on instagram. You have to check her out! AND this adorable sweatshirt may or may not be delivered in 5-7 days! ADORABLE

5. Is anyone still watching BB now that MCRANDA is no more? I have to say, Andy has really stepped up. It's about freaking time. I'm still not ok with him winning. I think GM has my vote. Did anyone else notice how akward McCree was when he was talking about Amanda with Juile?

That’s all I got! Happy Friday Ya’ll!!


  1. Happy Birthday to your momma. How cute is she?!!
    Be sure to take before and afters of your bedroom!

  2. I didn't know you were a BB fan. I love that show!

  3. 1) Happy birthday, Kim!!!

    3) Keep up the running. You're going to kill it! You're my hero.

    5) I thought Krissi and I were the only ones watching BB. I like GM now, but remember how mean she was to Candice? It's hard to forget the "Your own mom didn't want you" line. I can't wait to see who wins!