Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Weekend Recap

This morning I got to work at 4am. To close payroll, only to find out the system was down. Womp womp womp. So instead of making the best of my time, I thought I’d share my weekend with you. #employeeoftheyear.

Friday, M and I went to a going away party at The Butcher Shop. I’ve wanted to try this place since we moved to LR. I had “saved” my calories all day so I could indulge a little bit. Indulge is just what I did. Remember the no drinking during the week? We’ll I had 3 glasses of wine and I was white girl wasted in no time. REALLY AMIE? I didn’t partake in the delicious menu (probably my first mistake) and stuck with a salad. By the end of the night (which we were only there 3hrs) I was drinking water and eating bread.

But enough about me.

The going away party was for a friend’s daughter. She fell in love with a guy about a year ago; she had enough of the long distance between them 1796miles to be exact. She packed everything into a moving truck and set out to be with her one true love. The things we do for love.

Saturday morning I woke up with the birds and set out for my group run. I learned a great lesson about running that morning. It’s nearly impossible to run long distance when you fuel your body with wine the night before. It was horrible. Horrible. Horrible. Horrible. I just wanted it to be over. And to make things worse, this “course” was nothing short of Hospital Hill. It had hills for days. Note to self. No wine on Friday nights. PERIOD.

I spent the afternoon rehydrating. We watched the Razorback game at a friend’s house. I use the word “watch” lightly. I go to these things to chat with the wives, eat the yummy food and drink. Let’s just be honest.

I tried to stay away from the unhealthy snacks and for the most part I did.

Sunday and Monday we didn’t do much but hang out at the pool. It was a nice weekend. With lots of running.

Hope everyone had a great holiday!!

Oh and did anyone see Big Brother? Did you love Amanda’s face when she found out she was put on the block?! LOVE IT!! #BYEBYEMCRANDA


  1. BAHAHA - White girl wasted - BAHAHA! Yes, I'm totally that girl. No doubt about it.
    Ugh, nothing worse than a hellacious run after an awesome night of wine. I generally save my wine inhalation for Saturday nights... Sunday is usually my rest day. Gotta plan accordingly. :)

    1. I don't know what I thought I could pace myself... Ugh lesson learned