Friday, August 30, 2013

Five on Friday

Happy Friday ya’ll! Whew, this wine-less week has been a booger. H is fighting a cold, I’ve been training like a mad woman, M has been working around the clock, I just don’t know how I do it all AND keep up with trash TV. (more on that later)

Here is my Five on Friday:

1. I’m just wondering, does anyone else’s radio play this song NON-STOP on Fridays?

Is it because we are in AR that we are STILL playing George Jones? .
2. I have not had one sip of wine this week. Not one drop. Honestly, if I said I wasn’t missing it I’d be lying. I mean, it comes from fruit; fruit is good for you, so basically wine is like taking a daily vitamin. Are you following me here? On the up side of my non-wine drinking week, I can tell the difference on the scale. So that’s a winner.
3. Can we just talk about BB? I know, trash T.V I can’t help it. I think we all knew Aaryn was going home. Poor girl, she had it coming. Did anyone else hear them “Booing her?” for a split second, I felt a little bad but then she said:
“Being Southern, it’s a stereotype” I’m sorry say huh?
“In Texas we have a way of saying things”
Sweetie, just be quiet before someone serves you a pie.
She’s going to have a rude awakening when she finds out she lost her job.
In the words of Michael Lassen: Loose Lips Sinks Ships.
4. My sweet friend L is 20 weeks prego! She found out this week that she’s having a baby girl!!!
5.I had an “omg I’m a 30something mother who has lost her sense of fashion moment. Last night. Has anyone ever had that? Of course, H looks adorable when we go out in public, but when I get “dressed up” for a night out, I think dang, where did all of my cute clothes go? Wait, I don’t have any cute clothes, ugh! My wardrobe needs a makeover. Like yesterday. I blame it on the fact that I wear scrubs everyday. Like today, my shirt has bumble bee’s and flowers on it...someone call the fashion police!
Happy Friday Everyone!! Go Link UP!!


  1. HAHAHAH! Love BB. Glad to see Aaryn go. She had trouble digger herself out in her eviction interview with Julie last night!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. Love the new layout!! Even though I despised Aaryn, I was kinda pulling for her. She is the only one who has won anything that is left and has to fight for her life.

  3. You're still doing no wine weekdays? No thank you.
    Who else needs a new wardrobe? THIS GIRL!! Oy.