Friday, August 2, 2013

Who Are you?

Can you tell I'm super excited about my new blog look?! LOVE IT! Happy Friday!! Today I'm linking upt with:
List 20 random things about yourself. 1. I have a feet obssession. If you have janky feet you better beleive I'm looking at your cross eyed. Just call me the "Janky Feet police" 2. I have never drank one sip of milk in my life. Milk makes me gag. The smell, the thickness the fact that its white. PUKE. No thanks 3. Nothing make me smile quite like a well manicure lawn. It just makes me want to sit outside and sip sweet tea and sing Kenny Chesney songs. 4. I work for a hospital and deal make sure people get paid. People seem to be nicer to you when you deal with their paycheck. I think I hit the jack pot with this gig. 5. Nothing sends me into a chattering mess than boarding an airline. Hate flying. Thank goodness they serve wine on flights. 6. I LOVE wearing scrubs everyday to work...until I stepped on the scale. Your stuff spreads in scrubs (and when you have free access to the cafateria cookies...JESUS take the wheel) 7. My favorite number is 22. 8. When I was 8 I thought it would be fun to "pretend to drive" my grandma's car and then I discoved her keys and how if you turn the key the car starts driving...yep.. first driving lesson poor grandma had to chase the car down and stop it. whoops. 9. Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday. LOVE all things hearts, candy and daimonds. poor M 10. I still watch FULL HOUSE.HA, If I see it scrolling through the channels I always stop. 11. Favorite past time? Sitting with friends or family having a few adult beverages and laughing. 12. I'm obsessed with washing my hands. Especially before I eat. 13. The best part of my day is when I pick H up from school and the moment she see's me and says "Mamma" 14. The second best part of my day is when we sit down and eat dinner together as a family. 15. I think plastic in the microve causes cancer 16. I hate when the toothpaste has dried toothpaste on the top. GROSS. 17. I have a slight obssesion with the LIMITED. 18. I make it a point to see the beach once a year. 19. I'm a lefty! 20. I choose to only use blue pens. Why do they even make black pens? 3 Legimate fears: 1. Snakes, oh boy snakes. Like I will jump on your back scared. 2. Needles 3. Big snakes Discribe my relationship with my spouse M and are not like most couples, we laugh polk jokes at each other. We're like two kids who refuse to grow up. We have our moments but I wouldn't have it any other way. He's pretty lucky. small joke. What would I tell my 16 year old self You will not marry K, you will not die alone and become the cat lady. Things that make me happy Family, Friends, long runs, new shoes, shopping, church, wine Sorry about this layout...apparently I am special and can't figure out what's wrong.


  1. Feet are ALL janky to me. I can't handle them. If Scott touches me with his feet I lose it.
    I can't pass up Full House either!