Wednesday, July 31, 2013

She's Three going on 13

Sweet Sassy Hannah Le'Anne

How did you get to be so big?! where does the time go? I really have to make myself stop and enjoy this moment. I know before I know it she'll be driving and in college before I know it.

Here is H at 3

  • Weighing in at a whooping 30 pounds! Finally!

  • She LOVES going to school

  • Her BFF are : Owen and Sawyer. She says the girls have too much drama. Ha, I kid

  • Bed time 9pm. Thank you baby Jesus.

  • See that dress in that picture. that is referred to as her "party dress" girlfriend LOVES this $40+ matilda Jane dress. I used to cringe when she drank milk with this dress on. Now we wear it ALL the time. Sleeps in it, waits for it to come out of the dryer.  That thing gets washed every night. Some days I'm just not up for the battle.

  • We are told by her teacher that she is very smart. Of course we think so, but we are very proud of her. She know most of her colors, can count to 12, knows her ABC's and speaks some Spanish but I have no idea what she's saying because I dropped Spanish as soon as I was told it wasn't a requirement.

  • Her new phrase is: "You're driving me nuts" it was cute the first time, we had to really hide our laughing. Now we are teaching her to be nice with her words.

  • Favorite song: I promise I am not lying. She will burst out "Everyone hurts sometimes"
It sounds just like:
  • But when we ask her where she heard that song, she says from Doc McStuffins. I sure hope, otherwise I need to have a talk with M and his music selection.
  • Hannah is still a Daddy's girl. Can we say wrapped around finger. All she has to say is "Please just for a little bit" he melts like butter.
  • Favorite movie as of know... BARBIE. I swear it looks like the Barbie truck blew it's load in my house. I swear I was only semi into Barbie when I was like 8. kid's start so young these days.
  • H's eat well. still loves her banana's veggies and would prefer milk over any other drink. She does love her sweets. She gets that from her mamma.
  • H has a very soft sweet side to her. She still says "I want to hug you" and that means I want you to pick me up. She's always said hug and it's too sweet to correct her.
  • She hates any thing tight. She won't wear shorts, pants or most skirts. only dresses. She also refuses to wear any shoes except for flip flops. yeah our mornings are real fun. oh and she hated getting her hair brushed. Please tell me they grow out of this stage fast.
  • She is truly our pride and joy.

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  1. Seriously, only 30 pounds? M is weighing in at 27lbs, at 16 months! He's a tank.
    Her phrase? I die! Love that sass! :)

    P.S. LOVING your new blog look!!!