Sunday, July 21, 2013

Big Brother

Does anyone else watch BB ? good lord! DRAMA!
Here is my two cents.
AARYN: you may be pretty but your personality makes you uglier than Norbert’s girlfriend. Seriously.. You need to lock it up. You look like an idiot. Oh and have fun in the unemployment line, cause you are fired.
Howard: Hey, we love that you love the Lord. We all do. But give it a rest. Oh and you got busted. Ha, Doesn’t the bible say Thou shalt not lie.
McRae: Can you please do something with that mop on your head. It’s distracting. I think you’re playing a good game but not good enough. You lost me when you called Amanda your queen. GAG me with a wooden spoon.
Amanda: LOVE EVERYTHING about you. Love when you went off on the mean girls…and DID not spill your wine while doing it. That is a talent that many work hard to achieve. Like myself. Cheers!
Alyssa: Eh, sometimes I find you annoying. You’re right up there with people who drive miles with their blinker on. BUT you managed to win VP every week. Does your (more) annoying sister give out  blow jobs or something. How does she do it?  BUT you are playing the game very well might I add.  It seems like you are not afraid to make waves. BUT eventually you have to go.
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