Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hannah's Birthday Take Two

You know living in a different state than the rest of your family really has its benefits.

 Like for instance:

No Aunt Betty we can not make your cookies with Santa, we are six hours away or No, (insert friends name) we are not able to help you move...we are six hours away. I kid I kid, we are totally up for cookies for Santa. Have you ever been to a retirement home? They serve booze!

I digress

One of the major down falls of living six hours away with the ONLY grandchild, it birthdays.  We normally make the trip to STL for H's birthday but this year I decided it would be a good idea to throw two birthday parties. one in AR and one in MO.

Who was riding safety when I made that decision? I must have been out of my mind.

I will be happy to announce that M didn't serve me my walking papers and we lived through the LR birthday party, a 6 hour drive to STL, a STL party and he's even ok with me totally leaving him the next two weekends for a girls weekend. #WINNING

So back to STL.

We loaded the car Friday after work and set out for STL. M took the first shift, while I sat and  watched movies played with H in the back seat. Next thing I knew we were at my parents doorstep. H and I were all bright eyed and bushy tailed and M somewhat resembled Shrek, a very tired Shrek. We made it to STL around 1am.

since I slept 5 out of the 6 hour drive I was wired for sound. I couldn't go to sleep.  Next thing I knew it was 6am. I jumped up and immediately put my running clothes on. My parents live less than a mile from Tower Grove Park. This park is beautiful (we'll minus the night life, occasional fights and random homeless people that like to hang in the bushes) just don't go there after dark and you are good.

So I laced up my shoes and hit the pavement. it was 70 outside. 70. I couldn't believe it. LR weather has been set on HELL for the last month. I was happy as a clam.

I headed straight to my now local sole sista's house and woke her ass up, along with a few of her neighbors. I couldn't remember her house number. Ol' girl just moved and I had to see her house. It's beautiful by the way. AND I'm pretty sure her new boyfriend thinks I'm a few fries short of a happy meal.

Off we went for a quick run with the hounds. Running in my old neighborhood with my bestie really give me a good home feeling. pure happiness.

I had 503,232 things to do before the birthday party started at 2:00pm. Pick up cake, balloons, decorate, bathe H. cook, drink a glass of wine etc etc.  oh did I mention I thought it would be a great idea to take H's 3yr old pictures before her party at the Botanical Gardens.

again, who was riding safety when I made these decisions?

H's pictures turned out wonderful. I'm actually really glad I had them done.

By the time 1:30 rolled around. H was dressed, cake and balloons were picked up, house was semi decorated and I had my happy ass on the back porch with a glass of wine.

I love H's STL party. It's really a "Mike and Amie are in town everyone come over and bring your kids" it's great. we sit and laugh with all of our friends and family.

H had a great time. and by had a great time I mean she passed out super early and slept like a ROCK.

And, I have no pictures because my super awesome friend who is a photographer was in charge of all that. So I'll have to update those later.

All in all it was a great time. Next year, I'm thinking one birthday party will be plenty.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

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  1. Don't you just LOVE going home? Any reason to get together with friends and drink copious amounts of wine is winning in my world!
    Saw a few of H's pics on IG. LOVE THEM! Can't wait to see more.