Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hannah's LR Party

So, we've been in LR for four years. H is 3. She's never had a LR birthday party. We've always had them in STL. The STL parties usually turn into a Mike and Amie are in town, everyone come over and party.
Proof is in the Post. H's 1st birthday party recap HERE and her 2nd birthday party HERE
I must have been crazy, planning a birthday party is hard when it's at your house.  Especially two parties. H's Bday is July 29. Just in time for my birthday hangover to be over.  Unfortunately the only free weekend to have the parties were back to back. Yep, round two next weekend.
I'm going to go ahead and apologize for the excessive photo's.
When I asked H what kind of birthday party she wanted, of course she said "Caliou" Just when I think she's over Caliou, she pipes right up with "Mamma, can I watch Caliou"
Thankfully there isn't a lot of Caliou party supplies. I mean, I looked for 2.5 seconds and couldn't find one thing. So we moved on to the next option.
PLAY-DOH party!
I immediately went to pinning all things play- doh on pinterest.
I found ModernBeautiful on Etsy.

I was totally impressed with the invites.

My plan was to make play doh and send everyone home with homemade play doh, but I'll just be honest. I ran out of time and energy and went with the store bought some.
warning, here comes the photo overload.
Please excuse Manny, he take's his "watching for guest" job very serious.
I got the gift bag idea from pinterest. The kids LOVE taking a balloon home.

H has sat in the little red rocking chair every year to open her Bday gifts...I hope one day she'll use it on her kids.

Play Doh table. The kids had a fun playing but I have to be honest. Once the bounce house showed up... They were like play doh what?


I can't believe she's three!
Happy Birthday baby girl.


  1. Looks like she had an awesome birthday! Wish AG could've been there!

    1. Wish you guys could had been there too!

  2. Happy Birthday to Miss H!
    And, excuse me? Play doh AND a bounce house (that apparently is a pool)?! Um,