Sunday, July 7, 2013

It all started with a banana


The other night, M and I thought we'd watch a movie in our room... you know all romantic like. We'll we couldn't find the dang remote for the T.V. We looked everywhere. I'm not sure if you've meet our little H.

Don't let the cuteness fool you...she's pretty much the female version of Dennis the Menace
She's know to hide, keys, cell phones, remotes you name it. Nothing is safe.
So we asked H a million times. Where did you put the remote? Nothing, girlfriend all of a sudden developed dementia. I had the bright idea to pull the bed out and look to see if it had fallen behind the bed.
Oh lawrd, I was so not ready to see what was behind the bed!
H, aka Dennis the Menace, had stuck a banana behind the bed. Yep, there my eyes laid on a brown mushy banana stuck to the wall. I immediately started gagging and yelled for M. of course the first words out  his mouth was...we'll at least it wasn't my side of the bed. Really?
Then he proceeded with "How did you not smell that?" you smell everything.
omg, I have nightmares about food being stuck behind things and ants coming in the house...I mean we've all seen arachnophobia...and we know I have a head full of THICK BLACK HAIR!!! Bugs love that shit!
I couldn't wait to get every inch of our bedroom clean. I was a cleaning maniac. I pulled out the Kirby and all 405 of it's attachments and went to town  I'm telling you, if it wasn't attached to something it was getting thrown out.
so now we have a no eating in bedrooms rule, a clean bedroom and now mama can sleep without having spaz attacks of Ants building villages in her hair.
I thought, I'd add a little color to the love shack. This quilt was Linda's. I absolutely love
So after I busted the quilt out the need to head on over to hobby lobby for a few little colorful items to make our clean non-rotten banana room pop.

I found this picture at Hobby Lobby, originally $59.99 but lord knows I didn't pay that. It was one  sale for 40% off, BUT it had a little damage on the back so the sweet lady gave it to me for $20.00! it never hurts to ask!
Plus it goes perfect with these little guys...

So now I sit with a spotless colorful bedroom free of ants and bananas...
Mama can sleep now!

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  1. HAHAHA! I know we'll have bananas found in random places in our house, too.
    LOVE the fresh new look of you room.