Sunday, July 7, 2013


Hannah took dance lessons for MKDS this school year. I'm not big on Dance moms but I though it was good to get out and meet new people. Plus H's BFF EG was taking the class, who was taught by EG's KK translation grandma, so...I knew H would be in good hands. Plus at the time H loved being in her tap shoes and tutu's. Little did I know that phase would end and it would take an entire bag of skittles to make that girl keep her ($85.00) dance recital costume on. #nextyearitssoccer

Dance recital day went off on high note... She got up...of course we didn't get her dressed until we got to the stadium and by "got to the stadium" I mean, I could pawn her off to one of the cutesy 18 yr old girl that H adored and would do anything including putting her dance recital costume on.

I can't say I blame her, there was an abundance of Tulle going on in that outfit. H kept saying it was itchy. poor baby, I know it was.

But she held on like a trooper. She was in good spirits. Of course I was in countdown mode. 5 minutes until Showtime, that means 20minutes and this thing is over, H is out of that itchy mess and we are on our way home....

3 minutes till show time...

H: Mamma...I need to go potty...


we scurry to the bathroom, potty, readjust her Tulle, so the itchy spots won't itch, bribe  chica with skittles just in time for show time.

I handed her off and left for the auditorium. To find M, who I totally deserted. Whoops.

We found each other and sat just as the lights went down.

The tiny two's was the first act.

H came out so proud, and so big. The tears just welled up in my eyes.

H is such a leader, always has been. I know she was next to EG, just so EG wouldn't freak and stay out on the stage. H did every move, smiled and sang so loud.

I couldn't believe that was my baby. So big and so independent.

I was totally trying to hold the tears back, but I just couldn't. It's hard watching your baby grow up.

She did great, and we did just like any other proud parent. After her song, we grabbed her and left. They were smart when they put two year olds first.

We headed to find Daddy, and H was all smiles until...she realized she still had the costume on...

yep, She's two...Bless her heart...

She wanted her daddy...

Can I just say how unfair it is that she's a daddy's girl?! I mean really, I gained the weight, I have the stretch marks and she's a DADDY'S GIRL!! so justice

I digress...
first things first...
H dumped the Tulle and got comfortable...

Came home and passed out for two hours!

I'll take it!!

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  1. H looked like she was swimming in that tulle!
    I need something that's going to make Marcus pass out for two hours!