Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday/ Weekend Wrap up

It's Monday, It's a new week. I'm really hoping for a productive running week.

Friday night we had plans to have dinner with friends. I knew there would be booze and high calorie food. So before we left, I got on the treadmil and ran. FAST. The plan was to burn as many calories as possible so it would make up for the calories I would consume in cheese dip. I may have issues. HA! I knew I had to have a plan.


Eat something healthy before I went. Limit myself to 2 glasses of red wine. STAY AWAY FROM THE JUNK FOOD.

Drank two glasses of wine, stayed away from the junk food. I was doing great until...the end of the night. I have no idea how that bowl of cheese dip got in my mouth and to make it worse I washed it down with a delicious bug light! baby steps..


Saturday morning I knew I had some calories to run. nothing like motivation.

I managed to get in a lot of running this weekend and I stayed away from junk food and wine for the remainder of the weekend.

This week I started off with a 4am morning run. It was hard getting out of bed but I'm so glad I did it.

So on the H front,

My sweet child has learned how to open the front door. GASP. One time we cought her "letting the dog the front yard" When I asked her why she did that she said "because Manny wanted to go outside"


so we had a very stern conversation about why we don't open the front door.

I thought we were good. until I heard the front door and then close again.


I walked out the front door and there was H...(running back towards the front door) she didn't get far but far enought for my heart to skip a beat.

H said she thought she thought daddy was home.

Needless to say, M went to Lowes and bought a chain for the front door. I just can't take the chance of her running out the front door. I watch too much ID for that mess.

Has anyone else experianced this?


  1. Friday night I inhaled some seriously amazing food, and far too many alcoholic beverages... Not my wisest choice two nights before a 1/2, but I couldn't pass up wine and a fire pit with friends.

    We haven't had issues with the front door... Yet. But it's bound to happen. Little man is OBSESSED with doors. He can't reach the knob, or figure how to turn it,but once those two things happen I know we're going to have problems.

  2. hey, it worked for you! You did great on your 1/2