Saturday, April 28, 2012


Dear Amie (sometimes we need to give ourselves a little pep talk)

It's time for a little "Love sandwich".
 No, not the "Love Sandwich" that your lovely husband and son like to give you..aka farting in their hands and shoving it in my face. True story..feel sorry for me.

So here is the LOVE part:

  • Awesome job with the weight loss
  • Awesome job staying away from all fast food, fried food, and foods with labels on it. I SWEAR I'm about to turn into a rabbit
  • Awesome job running WITH your 28 pound baby in the jogging stroller. I know it sucks but you do it!
  • Awesome job resisting the sweets during LENT
  • Awesome job not eating after 7:00pm
  • Awesome job getting up at 5:00am to work out
  • Awesome job walking at work during breaks
  • Awesome job climbing 8 flights of stairs at work just for the heck of it
  • Awesome job with your water intake. Drinking almost 1 gallon of water a day
  • Awesome job completed Jillian Micheal's 30DAY SHRED


  •'re still not at your weight goal so stop acting like you are. It sucks when you hit a wall...CHANGE up your work out and I bet you get results.
  • umm...just because you worked out in the morning doesn't mean you can sneak a cookie from the kitchen at work.You just busted your butt working out. IS IT WORTH IT?
  • umm...yes it sucks to run with the jogging stroller and just because H has water doesn't mean you need to stop (even if you feel like you are about to die) and swig her water
  • umm...when you start sprinting and the wheels start doesn't mean you are running too fast and you should probably slow means you are putting too much weight on the handle...STOP IT and run.
  • matter what you think, it's not normal to go for a run and come home and chug a beer. YES it's refreshing but it's weird and not healthy. STOP DOING IT
  • umm.. YES beer is wonderful. it's cold, it's refreshing, it calms my nerves BUT you should probably stop drinking it....we'll stop drinking it so steps
  • umm....when you down six (ice cold, delicious) beers on a Friday night and try to run Saturday will be hard. No you don't burn more calories when you are dry heaving on your run.
  • have to be in a swimsuit (in front of people) in 30 days. JUST SAYING
  • bought Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30 Days like a week ago, maybe you should open that up and start it.
  • umm...just because the town pump has DELICIOUS french fries and cheeseburgers they still have calories. BE strong and order the grilled chicken salad.
  • fall asleep super early and your awesome husband stays up with Hurricane Hannah, you are getting 8 HOURS of sleep. NO you do not need coffee (more like coffee with your creamer) in the morning. LET IT GO
  • umm...awesome job running and finding your "comfortable running distance" NOW LEAVE IT and run CAN do it!
  • AMIE you CAN do this
  • AMIE you WILL do this
  • AMIE think of all the cute clothes that you can wear without looking 5 months prego!!
  • AMIE you won't have to SUCK it in anymore...


  1. Wow....can you give me a pep talk like that? :)

  2. Sounds like you are doing awesome. I can't wait to start really running again. For now it's me and the elliptical and 2 miles. I'm done after that.

    I actually think beer is good for you after you run. Why else would they serve it to runners after long races??

  3. I agree with Laura that it sounds like you're doing awesome! I really think our bodies know when we turn 30 and start to rebel.