Monday, May 7, 2012


We had a lot going on this weekend in STL. (dinner, Hannah's pictures, bachelor party, pizza party, school visits with Aunt Leslei, shopping, delivering Devin's car, margarita's...I was exhausted before we left) I originally thought I'd stay home and enjoy a peaceful weekend with just me and H, but then I couldn't resist seeing all of my friends and family. SO I loaded Red Rocket and hit the road
With Manny included. WAS I CRAZY? He actually did really well, and so did Hannah. ME...not so much...5 hours of Barney will drive anyone crazy.

I love going home, it's exhausting but SO WORTH IT. We don't stop from the minute we get there.
We took H to Happy Joe's one night. It was so fun seeing Stacey, Madi,Lauren, Devin and Amber.
After pizza (and a little beer) we went to THE MOST AMAZING ICE CREAM IN THE WORLD...aka

OF course we had to go RUIZ and see our love RACHAEL and have a few Margarita's

WE saw TEE-TEE Lauren. I love this picture. We love our LAUREN

Can't forget MA...apparently HARVEY was a little sweet on MA

Hannah and MA...

We also got to visit Aunt Leslei in her class room. Hannah LOVE it and all of her toys. H especially loved PETE THE CAT.. That is definitely going on the birthday list.

On our last day we spent some time with Grandma. 4 Generations here.

We ended our weekend with Devin. and he ended his weekend with a car. I'm still in shock that he is driving. We miss him and love him so much.

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