Monday, May 21, 2012

May Randomness

Hannah had her first trip to the Nail Salon. We have to get our toes pretty for Summer.

She loved all the attention from the sweet ladies at the salon.

This picture pretty much sums up what we'll be doing most of the summer.
 1. Swing Set
 2. BBQ - Mike in his JORTS I'm sure. Now he wears them JUST to rub my rhubarb. ugh...
 4. POOL and lots of trips to the neighborhood pool.
 5. That little white glow is my husband...He'll be spending lots of time sunbathing to get  ride of that    ridiculous "I'm in DESPERATE NEED of SUN look

Last night H was playing in her room and I had that "she's being a little too quite" feeling. I went and checked on her and she was holding  "BEAR" and soothing him aka light pats on the back. It was so sweet.

Bear must have gotten scared while they were watching POOH....

That's about where H's girlie girl moment stopped. A few minutes later H came out with a daiper, a wipe, and  baby powder and said "Mamma Turd" LOL...

GUESS It's time to start the potty training....

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