Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012 (PhotoBucket)

We had a great Easter. We did it up like it should be. Friends and family came over Saturday for an Easter BBQ, we drank, we laughed (really loud and often),  ate way too much(no calories count on Easter) mac and cheese. The kids hunted Easter eggs and played with bubbles. AND Mike so graciously put H swing set together. SCORE. What a great weekend.

Easter Basket Time...I went a little over board on the candy...

So all these goodies were pawned off on our guest. That is WAY too tempting for me. Now I have to get ride of 2 YUMMY homemade APPLE pies..

Easter Egg Hunt

The basket was more of a accessory

Riley came to PLAY....and she brought BUBBLES!!!

We LOVE Riley


The Easter Bunny brought Hannah a swing set.. Mike was more than thrilled to put it together. It only took one trip to Lowes, a few naughty four letter words and some beer. BUT it's done.

These are my "YOU are GROWING TOO fast pictures"

I LOVE this Picture of my girl...

So happy playing with Riley

Say HUH?

These crack me up. Playing with MaMaw's sunglasses


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