Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Who are you Part 2

I'm linking up with "That's the thing about Destiny" today.

Describe 10 Pet Peeves that I have:

1. Smacking, Can't stand it! Close your mouth when you are eating people.

2. When someone walks through a door and doesn't hold it open. RUDE.

3. When people wear their socks inside out. Weird I know. Dives me nuts.

4. When people drive with their blinker on. Can't they hear that thing dinging?

5. When a race clearly states no pets and strollers in the back. It's beyond my why I ALWAYS see a stroller or a dog in the 2:00 pace group.

6. When people take two parking spots! Really if your car can't play well with others, leave it at home. Just saying.

7. When people ask me if I'm mixed? Not that anything is wrong with being mixed but how and why do complete strangers feel that comfortable to ask me if I'm mixed? I mean black people come in all shades people! And this is why I lay out folks...trying to help those in question. ha!

8. When people attempt to touch my hair. I go all kung foo on them. I don't know why but it drives me nuts. Don't touch my hair.

9. When a kid has snot running down their nose. GROSS. Wipe your kids nose.

10.When (M mostly) puts stuff on the bed: shoes, bags, etc. I don't know it just grosses me out. Your bed is your sanctuary. Don't be contaminiating with germs. (I know I'm strange)

Describe a typical day in your life.

Alarm goes off at 3:45am. I hit the treadmill for an hour. Leave for work by 5:15am. work from 6am-4:30pm. Pick H up from school (BEST part of the day is seeing her little face light up when she see's me) dinner-playtime, usually run or take a walk. Bath time. Bed Time with H. And if there is any energy left M and I may watch tv. 10pm
I'm usually out.

What was the hardest part of growing up?

Hmm? Not to sound like a brat, but I LOVED my child hood. It was absolutly the best. hmm, maybe the worst part was getting in trouble. In school when I was a little older. My dad had to bust out "billy the belt" I blame hormones.

Describe 5 weakness and stregths that I have:


1. I tend to be a little mouthy at times.
2. I can't keep a secret to save my life.
3. Buying things for H
4. Mike's blue eyes. Gets me everytime.
5. Being nice to the "socially challenged people" then I can't get ride of them.


1.Loyalty. I'll do anything for anyone.
2.If you tell me to do something, It will be done.
3.Very strong willed. maybe that's a weakness.
4.I'm always a good listener

Described when you knew your spouse was the one or how I fell in love.

How I knew M was the one: I was with a group of friends. He was a group of friends. It was a cardinals vs Cubs game and there was a sea of red shirts. M was wearing a green shirt. (unheard of, he stuck out like a sore thumb)Anyway I picked him right out, eventually he came up to me and we hit it off. We hung out for the rest of the night. When I left him that night he sent me a text, almost immediatly. I really wish I kept it or wrote it down but it said something along these lines: you are absolutly beautiful. I had the best time with you and I can't wait to see you again. We hung out the next few days. The first time he really hung out with my friends he told them he was "all in" "ready to marry and all" maybe it was the booze? ha, we had only been dating less than a month. Yes, it freaked me out, but I knew he was the one when I saw how loving he was to his Mother.


  1. My parents used to say "Stop smacking or we'll smack that mouth." I think that's where my extreme dislike of smacking food comes from.
    Snot nosed kids - the worst, especially when you're a swim instructor. If *I* can see the green river flowing down Jonny's face you know his momma can too. Clean that crap up!

    1. Ha! My dad used to say "Are you calling the cows home"