Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I hope I never forget H at age 3

I know H has only been three for a short time but it seems like over night she has grown into her own little indepentant person. She is full of personality. #shegetsitfromhermamma.

I hope I never forget H at age three.

We went for her 3yr old check up yesterday.

Her Stats:

Weight: 30pd (finally) 41%. She's always been low in her weight. She's a great eater.

Length: 31 3/4 65% she has really grown over the year. She's ALL legs.

The 411 on our little sunshine:
1. She LOVES banana's. Will eat them all day every day.

2. She really into princess, barbies, Sofia the First and Doc McStuffins.

3. She loves going to "school" we are sure she is teacher's pet. EVERY time we pick her up she is usually sitting in Ms. Connie's lap. She gets along very well with the other kids. We really feel like she is learning a lot in school. Her vocabulary has expanded majorly.

4. She still calls sunscreen "sunscream" and I think it's adorable and always make her reapeat it 3 times just to hear her say "sunscream"

5. She is getting better at wearing clothes. She loves her (matilda jane) party dress and her Mickey Mouse tank top. She would wear these every day if we'd let her.

6. She has learned to swing by herself #thankyoubabyjesus

7. She is still a Daddy's girl. MAJORLY. it's ok I no longer take it personal.

8. She loves putting puzzel's together.

9. She loves putting blankets on her hear and calling herself tangeled. HA, I totally did this as a child. Minus the tangeled part.

10. She loves to pray before each meal and at bed time. Her little prayers are so sweet. My favorite is still:

Now I lay me down to sleep, No more Monkey's jumping on the bed...AMEN.


  1. What a special little girl!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. She looks just like her momma!! And only 30 lbs?! What a little peanut. :)

    1. I know right! I did the happy dance when I saw the scale at 30.4! we high fived and everything!!!