Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cara Box

August Cara Box…

I tell you what, blogging has really opened the door for me to meet new people. I love it. This girl cracks me up. I hope one day to we can meet and maybe run a race together, and by run a race I mean a wine drinking race! Ha, I kid. I’m not even sure how we crossed paths, but I am so glad we did. You should check her out…and her ADORABLE, makes me want to have a baby, son Marcus. He has cheeks for days…

I read this post a few months ago called Cara Box, and because I instantly felt like I was missing out and had to check it out!

You can read all about Cara Box HERE.
Meet new people AND get mail I was more than excited to participate this August.

Who received my box:
I was lucky to meet this sweet lady. Mary is married and has two beautiful daughters. She keeps children in her home. When she told me that, I just knew she has a seat reserved in Heaven. Anyone who can keep other people’s children everyday is a godsend. You have to check her out HERE.
Who sent me a box:
Elina, She is so sweet and I absolutely love all the things that she sent me.

Planner: who doesn’t love a pink planner? She hit it right on the nail with this. I have to write EVERYTHING down in a planner. Otherwise it slips my 86 yr old mind.

Frame: This frame will go perfect on my desk

Ear bud holder: once I figure out how to use this thing, I’m sure it will come in handy! I’m so behind in the times.

Plug organizer: I’m sure this will come in handy.

Hair towel: This is the softest towel ever!

Plaque that says: Friends are like butterflies who lift us up when our own wings have trouble remembering how to fly!

I highly recommend everyone to participate in the cara box exchanged. It’s a great way to meet people and receive something fun in the mail. Check out the link below.

Cara Box


  1. I love those towels! My daughter keeps stealing mine! This month was my first exchange and I had an awesome time! I can't wait for the next match ups!!

  2. You are too sweet. It's not "if" we meet up, it's WHEN we meet up!
    I'm glad you did the exchange!! Best part of my Cara Box is opening it with my fishbowl of wine in hand.
    I'm secretly hoping we get paired up. There are hundreds of wineries out here. I'd skip the whole box thing and just send you a different wine for three months. And then, when we meet I'll bring even MORE wine.
    When we get together we're going to be nursing headaches for days. Ha!!