Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Beach

Life is better at the Beach. That statement is 100% true. In case you missed all my excitement over the last few weeks. M and I headed to the beach last Sunday. It was a full week to relax and get away from adult responsibilities.

More importantly it was a time to celebrate marriage. Our dear friends were finally tying the knot. J is an old time friend of M. These boys have history and have war wounds and t-shirts to prove it. K is the sweetest kindest most down to earth person I have ever met. Most brides would have been in full blown Bridezilla mode the week of their wedding, not this girl. She was so laid back and so hospitable. They were more concerned about their guest having a good time. We hit the jack pot with this couple.

Are they not the cuttest?

We stayed in a 4 bedroom house, with our own pool (BONUS) and pool house. This house was fully loaded...with people, which meant lots of laughs and great food and drinks. Did I mention J & K were BOTH chefs? Cause they are and they put the big pot in the little pot when it came to cooking. We were so spoiled by the end of the trip. And by spoiled I mean ten pounds heavier

We were walking distance from the beach….aahh can we just take a moment and reflect on this picture. There is something so peaceful about the beach. It just relaxes me; I’m sure my “Happy Cup” helps too.

One day the boys went “Deep Sea Fishing” M’s dream. He is country at heart. Of course they all said they "caught the big one" and just like every good wife I believed M when he said he caught ALL the big fish.

The girls stayed back and lounged out by the pool with our Happy Cups. This was probably one of my favorite days. There is just something about girls, laying out in the sun and laughing. It’s good for the soul. We later ran out to do a few errands for the wedding, but somehow ended up at Chans Wine World. I highly suggest it if you are ever in the Destin area.

The big wedding day quickly came and it was beautiful.

She was a beautiful bride.

It was bittersweet leaving the beach. We had a great time away but I was more than ready to get back to my sweet girl. My mom and sister kept H while we were gone. I thought she’d be so distraught because we were away. Ha, jokes on me. This girl was living it up. She had a week full of: movies, Barbie’s, ice cream dates, etc.

Sometimes, it's just good to get away with friends. Cheers to a great vacation and to the happy couple.


  1. Looks like y'all had a wonderful time! A day of laughing with girlfriends with happy cups sounds amazing!

  2. Your vacation looks like perfection. I need a vacation like that, like yesterday. My "happy cup" has been stored away for much too long.