Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Diaper Change Challenge

So as you all know, I was not a huge fan of babies/kids or anything to do with children. It was a major shock to everyone when Mike and I were expecting. After the shock of being pregnant, I became very excited and HIT the books. I was clueless. So here I am studing, like I was working on a second college degree. I had 9 months to learn how to take care of a baby.I was very by the book with everything with Hannah and often reference the book "What to expect when expecting" and "What to expect the firts year"

Well I want to know where the section on "My kid won't sit still when I'm trying to change her diaper is?" I mean really did they leave that chapter out?!

It's like trying to tame a wild horse. You can forget about changing her on the changing table. You have to take it to the floor with lots of space.

We've tried everything to distract her: Binkies, Toys, Singing, Funny faces, Peek a Boo... you name it. We've come to the realization that she is just "Too Busy" to sit and get her diaper changed.

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