Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Funky Childrens Shoe Boutique

It's never to young to start on Hannah's shoe collection. This past weekend we ventured to the "Big City of Conway, AR" and boy did we hit the jack pot. We had our first experience with Shoe Choo otherwise known as a "Funky Childrens Shoe Boutique"

First off, the people in this store were above and beyond the southern hospitality that we always receive here in Arkansas. The sweet lady made shopping so fun. I'd be looking around and she'd come over with a "look how darling these are" "Oh you have to see this" and it did help that Hannah loved all the attention she was getting from her.

I found this cute little number for Hannah's birthday outfit. (which I can not believe she'll be 1 years old in a few weeks...TEAR)

Shopping 101 you ALWAYS start with the sale items. We found some great deals on this table.
I was so excited to find KEDS here, Hannah has outgrown her only pair and I LOVE these they look so cute with any outfit.

Every girl needs a pair of red maryjane's. I got these for her to wear in the fall.

OK so I didn't buy these, 1. It's never that cold in Arkansas and 2. I just can't justify that purchase to Mike when she will outgrown them in a month, but they were so cute.

I saved the best for last! How cute are these!!

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