Friday, July 1, 2011

11 Months

I know I say this every month, but I just can't believe how fast Hannah is growing. I mean really 11 months old?!

Hannah at 1 Month

Hannah at 11 month

Hannah's personality is showing more and more everyday. Notice her bracelet. She much rather have it in her mouth than around her wrist.

Hannah's 11 Month old Fun Facts:

FOOD: GIRL LIKES TO EAT. She is 23 pounds. She is still taking a bottle in the morning, night and during the day. She has kicked baby food (almost) to the curb. Occasionally, we can sneak in a "Passionate Fruit" but otherwise she wants her table food. I can't say I blame her, that baby food is right up there with "Nursing Home" food....YUCK!She does very well with table food. I'm pretty picky with what she can have. I am still the mom who doesn't dish out "Good Stuff" aka sweets or juice. Hannah loves water.Now if I can just convince my mother that she is not being deprived from her lack of Juice.I'll be in good shape.
I give her whatever I cook for dinner. Which is helping me cook more on the healthier side.

Here she is attempting to feed herself guacamole

Ice cream doesn't count as a "sweet" in my book. It's more of a dairy. This was Hannah's first ice cream cone.

SLEEP: it's a beautiful thing. She is still sleeping through the night and napping 2 times a day. I realize she is getting older and going to sleep at 7:00pm is probably not going to happen anymore. Her bedtime is usually between 8:00pm & 8:30pm. Lately she has been protesting against bed time. She does not want to sleep. Putting her to sleep used to be a piece of cake. She have a bath, get our jammies on, read a book, give her a bottle and she would be knocked out in no time. NOW, we give her a bath, "we" have to lasso her down (practically) to get her jammies on, She is still interested in the book, but you better read fast otherwise she will turn the page for you, she takes her bottle and instead of falling asleep while she drinks it, she hands the bottle to you when she is finished. It's pretty cute when she does that, but then I'm like WAIT why aren't you asleep?
We've never been a fan of the "Crying it out method" but we have to get this bedtime under control. The good thing is, once she is asleep she is out for the night.
This is how I found her this morning.

CARSEAT: We've hit another mile stone. Hannah is now forward facing. I know, I know..GASP..she isn't 2 years old...But she is over 20 don't go calling DHS on me. She was getting way to long to be rear facing. Her daddy long legs were scrunched up. Plus she LOVE being forward facing.

CUTENESS: So Hannah's new favorite game is "Patty Cake" She doesn't get the "Roll it up" Part, but she has fun clapping at the clapping parts.

This is her "Throwing it in the pan"

I now realize we have a "Lassen version of Patty Cake" at the end we say "Throw it in the Pan" and this is Hannah's reaction

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  1. She is just too beautiful. "Ice cream is more of a dairy." I love it and agree! And my parents act the same way about me not giving B juice.