Monday, July 18, 2011

Girls Weekend

Hannah and I we're way over due for a STL girls trip and I thought my birthday weekend would be a great time to go. I was REALLY hesitant to fly alone with Hannah. I had a vision of her kicking and screaming all 40 minutes of the entire flight. She is very busy these days and I couldn't imagine her being still in a small cramp place. BUT,Mike insisted that flying was a better idea than driving through the night with a baby...alone. So I did it. I booked our flight and got to know "Gladys", (the very helpful reservationist from SW) very well. I must have asked her a million times "So I don't have to buy Hannah a ticket? She sits on my lap? Is that safe? And does my seat come with unlimtted wine? (lol)

So off we went Thursday night, to the airport.

I'm not a huge fan of flying. I tend to get real chatty to anyone who will make eye contact with me during take off and any turbulance. Flying with Hannah distracted me from any thought of the plane going down.

Hannah did so good on the flight, she was more restless waiting to board the plane, but she did great on the plane. Thankfully I sat between two grandma's who didn't mind Hannah.

Once we landed we headed to my favorite restaurant: RUIZ aka the only place I can see my BFF Rachael.

Friday morning I met up some old High School friends and we took the girls to City Garden. The girls had so much fun playing in the water.


These are our "Mini Me's" minus Emma, I guess we didn't realize she was missing, She was too busy playing in the fountain. Taking this picture was so funny to me. The kiddo's we all doing there own thing..but Madison was the cuttest...She kept going "cheese"...

Saturday, Maryann and I road tripped it to Chatham, IL for the "Sweet Corn Festival" Music, Friends, Shopping, Drinks...What more can a girl ask for!

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