Sunday, July 10, 2011

Watch me grow...

I am a total sucker for anything that has to do with Hannah and her milestones. Each month I have diligently marked all of her milestones and then some in her baby book. I am totally guilty of the "It's my first child I don't want to miss a thing" syndrome. Hence the five full photo albums of Hannah that we have already accumulated.

I came across a growing chart and I thought, what a great way to track Hannah's gowth. ( I know, I'm a dork but I LOVE IT) I saw a few online but I was up for the challenge of making it myself.

So off I go to LOWES, to get my supplies. I'm pretty sure I went up and down EVERY isle in that store. Finally I found the wood in the "Lumber" section. Who knew? (yep, I'm a total city girl)

I needed a piece of wood (I don't know the technical term) I just knew it needed to be 1x6x6. Easy enough right? WRONG! Do you have to be 10 feet tall to shop in the lumber section? I had to scale the wall to get this "Fine Piece of wood" but I got it. The other supplies were super easy and I scored a great deal on the five dollar paint.

Ta Dah...

Hannah seems to like it.

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  1. wow!!!! super impressed! where are ya gonna put that?