Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I'm back

Well hello there blogger world! This girl is back from the beach! I am happy to say we survived the 10 hour car ride and the seven carefree days of eating and drinking. More on that later.

It was a rude awakening Monday morning when my alarm went off at 4am. I was full of piss and vinegar all day. Don't believe me? Just ask my co-worker who asked me if I was going to be ok.  Monday's are over rated.

 Tuesday's are my day off. Thank you baby Jesus. I had a "To Do List" a mile long. I managed to get most of it checked off before declaring today a "rest" day. cause you know 7 full days of rest just wasn't enough.

After checking off 4 out of the 16 things on my "To Do List'" I threw that list to the wind and sat my happy self on the couch.

I have been dying to see the movie "Safe Haven"

When I saw the movie preview, oh I don't know 7 months ago. I knew I had to see it. I mean really, did anyone else see that EYE CANDY?

 I wanted to read the book first. I ran out to Barnes and Nobles and bought it. I immediately started reading it. like every day, which is big for me. Then it became only reading it at the beauty shop (read: once a week), then it became.. "Has anyone seen my "Safe Haven Book?"

I know I needed to be enjoying this beautiful weather outside running, but having the house to myself doesn't happen often. So, since I went to work yesterday, I rewarded myself with Safe Haven, and  Oreos, and nachos and maybe a few brewskies! This girl knows how to through a movie party (for herself and her dog)

The Review: I use the word "review" lightly. I really just want to discuss Josh Duhamel

Have you seen the trailer?

Be still my heart.
The movie is a total chick flick, but who doesn't love  a chick flick? It's your basic story of a girl who marries the wrong guy and finds herself running away to a new life. Except she runs into the arms of this guy.

Sop him up with a biscuit!
Top two favorite moments of the movie:
1. When he finds the letter's that his wife left for the children. And cue the tears...my goodness
2. When the cop drop them off at home and he pulls her behind the tree for a good night kiss... you know what I'm talking about!
What a love story, I mean how sweet was his character? Running a store in a small town in North Carolina, with his two adorable children as he tries to start over without his wife.
The wife, that was a kicker at the end. So was she seeing a ghost?  I always get lost when they throw those things in at the end.
The end, I don't know what made me cry harder: When he found the letter's unharmed or when the little boy started crying because he missed his mom. GAH.... so sad.
I love watching sappy movies. This was a good one.
What's your favorite sappy movie?

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  1. Every vacation needs to be followed up with a vacation to recover!
    Woah - I haven't seen "Safe Haven" and obviously I need to. Hello hotness!
    Favorite sap movie? Just one? "The Notebook." Can we throw in "Titanic" for good measure?