Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fat Tuesday

So last night I thought I'd be wife of the year and offer to take my husband to WWE. The fact that I offered to take him ON the day of the show that happened to be sold out may or may not have been my out. Whoopsie! Its the thought that counts right? We were sure we could find scalpers but those bubba's weren't giving up there tickets to go see wrastling...

Can I just mention the level of people watching just in the parking lot. WOW. I seriously saw a 500 pound man in a wheel chair with a wrastling shirt on (florescent green) licking a lollipop like it was his JOB!

I made sure M was good and full of margarita's so he wasn't too upset about not getting tickets. We headed to our favorite watering hole and dance and drank like we were 21. After all it was Fat Tuesday!

Now, all I want is a number 2 from McDonald's a Dr. Pepper and my bed.

1 comment:

  1. BAHA! Good thing you didn't have to sit through the torture of WWE. Awesome planning and prepping on your part.
    And, this whole Ash Wednesday business is killing me. NOTHING sounds better than a turkey and egg biscuit.