Monday, February 4, 2013


Wohoo Go Raven's!
Ha. That's funny. Me trying to act like I watched the super bowl. I only cheered because I knew this was the end to football!


The Lassen's have taken residence on Boring Lane. 
I have to admit I'm enjoying myself on Boring Lane.

I've occupied myself with H, house cleaning, DIY projects, baking, eating, running, and bird watching. I really wish I was lying about that last one but I'm not. I've become obsessed with these new bird feeders. Yes, I'm 96 years old.

I was tired of looking at these boring chairs
So I did this to them


Then I got tired of my boring door:

Then I was tired of this (last one I promise)
And just becuase she's so cute. I found H painting her nails with my concealer.

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