Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tuesday Rambles

It's official I've twisted, begged and promised her a girls weekend!

Marcia and I are headed to KCMO to run the horrible Hospital Hill Run!

Yes I am crazy but so is SHE!

We're making memories. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I hope she's still my friend after the race.

And just because I'm on a roll here. I'm going to join the "what's in a name link up"

Amie- Yes Amie, like my parents couldn't be any more original. At least they changed it up a bit with the "IE" I swear I was named after one of my dad's ex-girlfriends but my parents swear I was named after the "famous" song Amie. What ev I like it. And its much better than the name "Amanda" which is what I was supposed to be name.

Hannah- Naming this child was a lot of pressure. When I found out I was having a girl I knew instantly her name was going to be Ava Le'Anne (she got stuck with my middle name).  I told M it wasn't up for decussion. Then one night we were watching Kelly Cutrone show on MTV. She happens to have a daughter on there name Ava who was acting nothing short of chuckie. So with that M said Ava was out. The search was on. I was reading the story about Hannah in the bible. My word was Hannah a strong, faithful, determine lady. I want my Hannah to be none the less.

Manny- First I have to say I was coerce in getting this little bundle of joy. M said we were going just to browse at the puppies. Then I looked in the back of the truck only to find: dog food, a leash and a dog toy. We walked in and I melted. We didn't really give the name much thought. (as you can tell) We tossed around Lewie, since we are from STL. Then M suggested Moe as in Missouri. Then we realized it was just a dog and we need to pick a name because we were almost home. I threw out the name Manny. Which was a friend's dog's name back in high school. Pretty Random. Just as random as he is.

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  1. Former KC resident! I ran Hospital Hill every year. SO JEALOUS of your pavement pounding fun!
    A beautiful name for a beautiful little girl. In.love.with those curls of hers.
    Your newest follower here! Would love you to swing by
    for a return follow.