Monday, September 17, 2012


I hear Mike's alarm go off around 4:00am.
5:00am I'm knocked out to the world as Mike kisses me goodbye
5:30-6:00 I am up and I get ready for this rainy Monday morning
I get this because I am totally obsessed with this creamer

I collect my bags because apparently I am the bag lady Monday- Friday.
 Load the car

6:15am I wake sleeping beauty:
Yes she's in clothes only because she insist on picking out her clothes...she doesn't care that they are not pajama's.

Get her dressed and we are out the door at 6:30am and off to the sitter's house.
I arrive at work around 7:30am- well really more like 7:45am but who is really counting.
 Get a text from the sitter.
Go back and get Hannah around 9:00am.
 Take her to work.
Thank All that is Good that I can take Hannah to work with me when I am in a crunch.
 Hannah is with me until 12:00 and then she goes to a friends house to play with one of her BFF's.
3:00pm get a text from the sitter: need to find someone to keep Hannah for the rest of the week.
A. I can roll with the punches
B. Freak out
I chose A.
 and went on my marry way.
5:00pm Hannah has dance class.
 so stinking cute...I didn't even care that she was so over tired, teething and not listening to a word I said.
5:30 Hannah had enough and so did I. ugh.. Terrible two's #shootmenow.
We got in the car and headed home...She cried and so did I. 
 It's just not fair that all of our family and friends are 6 hours away.
I had a coming to Jesus meeting with myself and sucked it up...
It was total silence in the car and I hear:
"I love you mama"
OMG...melt my heart.
Everything always works out!
In the end..All that matters is we have our family and our health
Being a mama..I've learned you HAVE to be flexible...No If and's what's about it.

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