Monday, September 10, 2012


We signed H up for dance class again. I just couldn't resist....

I mean look at this girl...She's got moves... and the world needs to see it.

After reading the fine print of "what to expect for dance class" it was suggest that she have a "dance bag" with her name on it. I looked on Etsy and found some super cute ones. I've seen a few girls with this bag and I'm just not one to get the same as others. Plus how hard could it be to make one?

Off I go to Hobby Lobby

I found a super cheap canvas bag for $2.99. Then I wondered around the fabric selection until I found red fabric. I think I paid $6.25 for it.

I attempted to pin the fabric on the canvas...just long enough for my MIL to come in and say "Do you know what you are doing..." thankfully she took it from there. I don't have the fondest idea how to work a sewing machine.

Canvas Bag: $2.99
Fabric:  $6.25
Bows:  $1.99
Embroidery: $10.00
Total: $21.23...WINNER

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