Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend went by WAAAY to fast. Why do they days always seem so fast on the weekend?

 I have been DYING to get new running shoes. I have no idea why I bought Nike in the first place. I've had them for about 6 months. They are alright but I feel like they aren't giving my right ankle the support that they need.  I felt the need to get new shoes. (any reason to shop..right?)

I get online and googled "Top 10 brands of Running Shoes." A billion search results came up. I knew I loved me some ASICS, but I wanted to explore Brooks and Saucony. After reading all the review I was pretty sold on both brands.
Friday, I went to Go Running. I felt like a kid in a candy store. LOVE THIS STORE. I wanted EVERYTHING. New Shoes, New Sports Bra, New Sock...etc. etc.  Everything was so pretty and bright..It made me want to drop everything and go for a run.  After doing the "assessment" with one of the  super skinny, look so cute in her running outfit sales lady... I went with the Women Saucony. I also through in a box of my running crack. Love me some Chocolate Outrage

I had the I can't wait to go running feeling Friday after work. Well, mother nature had a different plan, it rained like the world was coming to an end. So I took it upon myself to get in my comfy clothes and watch T.V. BUT Saturday I did get my fanny up and go for a run. I however left my new kicks in the box. I didn't want to chance getting them muddy/wet from the rain. I know..I have issues...

Saturday afternoon, my lovely husband who lives and breaths football gave me the "I'm going to watch football all day..what are you doing today" look. So I took the opportunity to tell him I was going shopping. I hardly get away with shopping for no reason (well him knowing.. that I'm shopping for no reason.I've totally mastered the take the items OUT of the bag before taking them in the house) 

Anyway...long story longer.. Mike was super excited to get me out of the house. Isn't he romantic?...I barely had my shoes on when he threw us out the door. H and I went to a Matilda Jane trunk show. I pretty much lost my mind. I LOVE LOVE LOVE their clothes. The Peppermint Dress is by far my favorite purchase. I can't wait to get my order in.

We also went to a dance store to pick up a few things for H's class. Oh my word. H got in that store and lost her dang mind. I was totally was that mom...yelling for my child. It was a nightmare. She wouldn't get out of the changing room, she was climbing on the window display, in racks all while dragging this gynormous dance bag around the store. Oh and let's not forget the total melt down at the register when we were checking out. OH MY WORD... The sixteen year old check out lady was so nice but she was taking forever in a day to ring us out..then she had the nerve to try to sell me bows at the register. I was 2.5 seconds from loosing my sh!t. I said very thank you..we just need to get out of this store. 
Not my finest mother moment. soon as we get in the car. I counted to 10 and drove straight to the liquor store and told myself she's only two...she's only two... and that was the end of our shopping trip.

We got home and the boys were 3 sheets to the wind. I was in a football nightmare. AND the "Real" game hadn't even started know the one that Mike has been waiting all his life for...aka.. THE FIRST SEC MIZZOU game...oh and let's not forget the RAZORBACK game....shoot me now.

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