Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day

I guess this means Summer if officially over now that Labor Day is here. Although it's still a million degrees outside. This summer is a wrap. A part of me is so glad and the other half is going to miss the crazy summer that we had. Weddings, Bachelor parties, Lake, Beach, St. Louis trips, The Beach. etc etc Now we are back to normal. By normal I mean...

Razorback football games with friends. Thank high heavens for the wives. I love going to football games and chatting it up with them. I mean who really wants to "watch" football? I go for the beer, food and conversation.

Sunday...instead of going to the lake or sitting outside drinking(which I forgot to hit the liquor store Saturday...I totally frosted our self! #mustplanahead) and BBQing we spent it cleaning out the garage and shed. The bad thing about it...I enjoyed it. After finding on of these guys in the garage:

 NASTY! I about shat myself. I ran in the house got the spider kill and I kid you not sprayed that entire bottle on the spider. (yes...screamed the entire time) I left it's body there when his friends came back they could see his dead body...and move elsewhere...
So needless to say, I was more than eager to get the garage cleaned out. Plus since we are running a hotel here. We are expecting 2 maybe 3 house guest next week. Which means 3 additional cars. So we had to make room in the garage for 2 cars.
After the garage was cleaned. I decided to skip on my run. I had much better things to do like watch The Hunger Games, The Lucky One and How to Think Like a Man but Still be a Women (what the hell ever the name is..) I was a bum yesterday and it was so nice!!
So I started a friendly wager with my husband. We are trying to see who can run the fastest mile. I must have been crazy. He can run short distance much faster than I can. He ass got up this morning at the butt crack of down and ran. He did 1.86 his time was 16:XX and his pace was 9:01. ugh...
So I said OK, I totally can do this... after I wiped the crust from my eyes. I put my running gear on, stretch and hit the pavement. I hit it a little too fast. I looked down and my pace at 7:14... I your roll or your going to pass I slowed my roll... turned the corner got it down to 8:23...Then I see it....the snake...hanging out in the middle of the road...I do my little...freak dance... like the dang thing is about to jump up and wrap itself around my neck...(which it was a baby but still) and I get myself together and talk myself into going right...instead of left..which meant home...and kept running...only to see ANOTHER with that..I turned around...and ran my ass home. Sorry I have a 2 snake minimum.  ugh...redangdiculous.
I was already a little paranoid Saturday our friends told us that this family who lived close to us came home and found a copperhead IN THEIR BATHROOM!! I seriously have slept with one eye opened and I'm not even going to explain to you how I sit on the make sure a snake isn't hanging out in our pipes... ugh..
I'm running out of running paths. My neighborhood is only so big.

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