Monday, October 1, 2012

What's going on in our life these days

Nothing too exciting to write about these days.

My running has been slacking due to my lack of motivation and my obsession with the Shock Top Pumpkin Wheat Beer. It's my weakness and I feel the need to indulge every night.

That's what potty training will do to you folks...true Hollywood story...

I am happy to say we are 99.9% percent potty trained!!! WE are even leaving the house with no diaper and no accidents!!! ( I hope I didn't just jinx myself)

BUT No more beer after Sunday. (even though I said that last week..I MEAN it this time!)

I am 9 weeks away from St. Jude's 1/2 marathon and it's time to get serious.

I ran 7 miles this  Saturday morning. It sucked big time. The weather was perfect, my music was right on key but I was bored...just plain bored. I need help. My sweet bestie Marcia suggested that I add some hills into my run. WOW...I found some hills and I cursed the entire time. HORRIBLE.

My sweet bestie also got me hooked on the showtime series Homeland. I seriously watched it all night Saturday and ALL day Sunday. Like got up at 6am and started watching it...for reals!

My sweet bestie also sent me the best card this morning: This is why we are friends

I can't wait to run the GLOW RUN this weekend with her.


I'm super pumped! The house is decorated, the pumpkin candles are lit, the windows are open. Our Pumpkindoodle (yes, that's what my family calls H) is going to be a dinosaur. (thank you very much Allie Grace for getting her hooked on Dinosaurs.)

I can't wait for the Pumpkin Patches, Boo at the ZOO, and Taking H trick or treating!

84 days until Christmas folks!! YIKES

ugh...Holidays means lots of good food and drinks...I MUST RESIST!!! IT"S TOO EARLY FOR WINTER WEIGHT!

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