Saturday, October 20, 2012

Race for the cure


I woke myself up on a Saturday morning at 5am. (CRAZY)
I stumbled around to the shower to wake my sleepy head up. Thankfully I laid all my stuff out last night. Somehow I still managed to wonder around the room like I'm in no mans land.

Had a cup of coffee and a piece of dry toast. I was so afraid I'd get downtown and have to:
 A. use the bathroom
 B. be starving.

I headed downtown around 6am. The temperature was 47 degrees. UM it should have read. FREEZING. It was so cold.

Thankfully a friend let me park in her parking spot. I didn't have to deal with any of the traffic or paralley parking. I zip in and instandly I had to PEE. ugh... I found the porta potty on the way to the start line. I figured it was so early it was clean. I mean the toliet paper still had the wrapper on it. STILL NASTY.

Headed to the start line. No one there. Panic. Am I in the right place? hmm..Wish I had somewhere with me? And wait and become friends with a girl I have never met but she is also waiting and running by herself. We bonded.

I have to have a GU and a stick of gum. It doesn't matter if I'm running 3 miles or 10. I have to have it. I guzzeled my GU and stuck my gum in my mouth at 7am. The people were starting to pack in to the coraal. I thought oh crap. I'm way to close to the front. I don't want to be in any pictures, T.V or give the impression that I'm about to kill this run in less than 20 minnutes. ugh. It was a sea of people.

7:15 I'm wishing I had Marcia with me. I'm starting to get nervous. Why I don't know.
7:25 A sweet lady gets on the loud speaker and says a prayer. She qouted:
Isaiah 40:31:
But those who hope in the Lord will renew their stregth
They will soar on wings like eagles
The will run and NOT grow weary
They will walk and not be faint
 Peace fell over me. How awesome is it that we can say a prayer before we race.
7:30. Garmin set and the gun goes off.

People are cheering. I am running. I realize this is why people sign up for races. The atmosphere is (in the words of Marcia) AMAZEBALLS

We are headed up the (hill) Broadway bridge. I follow the trail of the girls with the cute running skirt (fromLULELEMON...I know becuase I asked and I totally plan on getting one ASAP)

 I feel good. Once we hit the peak of the bridge I look at my pace 7:54. GESH Amie... Slow your roll.

The first mile was easy peasy.

The second mile my pace was 8:23. Still not bad but the hills were getting to me


3rd mile. People were cheering. I think of the verse the lady said during prayer.

May you RUN and not grow weary but soar with eagle wings. ( I apparently didn't memorize the verse)

We turn the corner of Mike's office. I think to myself. That scrub is asleep. He should be out here cheering me on and handing out water with the rest of these guys.

I run. I run fast and pass the group of girls in front of me.

I check my garmin. it says 3.17

I curse. WHAT? Isn't a 5k 3.1. I get distracted

I sprint. to the finish. I see 26:XX on the clock.

Run amie run.

I cross the line.

ummm where is my medal? (my free medal that everyone gets)

Oh thanks. I grab my water and head to my car. I'm in my car and headed home by 8:00am

Things I've learned.
1. 47 degrees is cold. I mean really cold.
2. Learn the code for the car. I had to run with my keys in my sports bra. Which isn't bad. But a little akward when I tried to discreatly dig them out. umm not so descrete.
3. Make Marcia run all races with me.
4. Sign up for the Hot Springs 10k
5.I love running

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