Monday, October 15, 2012

The more the merrier


Awesome game last night!

I had a pretty productive weekend. Friday I had the afternoon off. I planned on taking H to see the dinosaur exhibit but when I realized it cost a arm and a leg to get into. I went home. I don't mind paying the money when she is older and can last longer than 1 hour. Plus it was nap time and we all know how two year old act when it's nap time. MAKES A GIRL WANT TO DRANK!

I headed home and cleaned out our closets. It was time to go through H's clothes and mine. I am normally not this motivated but my mom was coming Saturday and she needed the closet space. YEP closet space. Why you ask? Oh you know home girl got transferred to ARKANSAS!!!


So we all know the big hoop la and how AT&T Yellow pages got sold. Mom has been with the company 30+ years. So when yellow pages was sold she freaked and then prayed. Mom has put her sweat and tears into that company. Of course they offered a "Thank you for your time but we are done with you" package that she missed by the skin of her teeth. She was so stressed. It's pretty crappy that she has been so loyal to this company and one day they walk in and say oh by the way we sold you to a different company. Mom kept the faith and didn't get discourage. We all know that GOD is our provider not AT&T.

Long story longer, She put in for a job down here and she got it. Yes she put in for jobs in MO but the wail was dry. So of course her next pick was Arkansas.

So we are slightly turning into these people:

But we look more like this version of Mama's family:

lol...I kid...I kid...

Of course all of this is temporary. BUT Mike and I love having family with us. So our family of three has grown to a family of six. I'm sure it's going to get crazy. I'm sure I've just written off any ounce of "quite me time" but I wouldn't trade it for the world.  You only have one family and you only live once.

So I guess every house has to have a MaMaw, a MIMI and a Uncle Neil and don't forget this adorable guy.

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  1. Wow! So are your parents moving to Arkansas permanently? You could always turn your garage into a giant bedroom....your mom and neil could share!