Saturday, October 13, 2012

Today's Motivation

Before I bore talk about my run...can I just say.....



I have to be honest I watched the first half like a true fan. I mean no iPhone and laptop. Mike and I watched it and drank beer (whoops on the beer part) It was a nice indoor date night. Then the score went to 0-7. I couldn't handle it. And we were out of beer. So I dozed off just a little tiny bit on the couch.

I heard...YEAH BUDDY!! and Mike was up and moving. SO I get up and go to bed. At this point it was 11pm. H was having a break down and I was beyond tired...and we were out of beer (damn you dry county) I was deep into my DVR watching TEEN MOM: Amber behind bars (wow...sad..I know) When Mike " my almost 40yr old husband" comes SKIPPING into the bedroom cheering...I could not stop laughing...Then I hear him in the living room... YEAH...Mutha F**kers!"

I tears laughing...

NOTE TO SELF: Get BEER skinny girl COSMO for tomorrows game.

So, I get my lazy butt out of bed this morning totally dreading my run. I just wanted it over. I had to run..I've been shackalacking. PLUS my bestie Marcia texts me last night (as I was mid motion of guzzling beer...she always knows when I'm skipping a run...How does she do that?) so she texts me her time on her awesome run for the day. That girl is killing it. She has come a far way in such a little time.

So I get my happy ass on the treadmill. Instantly I start with the excuses.. my shorts are riding, my ankle hurts...get off and stretch more...what time is the garage door it's too hot.. are there snakes coming in the Freddy Kruger roaming the streets of Benton...I'd rather be that my hair getting wet..when is mom going to be here...maybe I should call long have I ran so far (.25) .25 that's it? F***. Stay focused Amie

So I tell my mind to shut up and just run...

run...don't look at the're strong....You want a beer now? I bet you stop drinking beer don't you...RUN..
OK run faster...
I want to stop, I want to stop...then Shoop comes on..and I sing...loud and with the recommendations of Marcia I start using hand motions... I realize all the people coming to the neighbors yard sale are looking at me dancing in my garage on the dreadmill..oh well...
I'm sure if Freddy Kruger was rooming the streets of Benton...he would pass me by..
Finally done: 6 miles 49:34
Now get off this DREADMILL and go shopping! Today's MOTIVATION


  1. Freaking awesome 6 miler! I'm dying laughing picturing you treadmill dancing - whatever works!