Monday, October 1, 2012

I hope I never forget these moments...

Can I just say being a Mother really does have its moments.
Great Moments of joy, laughter...
and sometimes tears, cursing, and yelling...but we won't talk about those few moments that make you go into the garage and chug a beer

I never want to forget these moments that I have with Hannah. She really has turned into her own little person. I can't believe how much personality this little 26pd 2 year old really has.

I realize some of these things won't be as funny to (all 3 of my readers) but I don't want to forget these moments:

Me: (asking Mike) Where's Manny?
Hannah: Outside tearing up the flowers. lol..Which he does ALL the time

In target:
MOMMY...I FARTED....*shoot me now*

Driving by target.
Hannah: Mommy I go to target and get  ICEE

As soon as we get in the house Hannah says: "Mama..I put T-Shirt and Shorts on.
girl is obsessed with T-shirts and shorts. I guess she's see us changing when we get home. Hannah HAS to put on a white T-Shirt and her jersey shorts

She'll get her tennis shoes and put them on, stretch and say "I go for a run" lol...too cute

Hannah in the bath tub...splashing like a fish out of water
Hannah: TEA PARTY mama..TEA PARTY...
ME: confused...

In Target. H is done with her ICEE and ready to go
Hannah: Mama I go home
ME: OK sugar we'll leave in just a minute
Hannah: You driving nuts (translation..."You're driving me nuts"....I guess I should stop saying that)

H got a really super cool grocery cart for her birthday. She loves it. she puts her baby in it and pushes it around the house and collects things like a KLEPTO. BUT the sweet  part is she always puts the baby bottle next to her baby and occasionally will stop and feed her baby. so sweet.


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