Thursday, October 11, 2012

I"m with you in Spirit

Soo....Last weekend I had planned a trip to St. Louis for St. Louis Glow Run. I was super pumped to be running with my BFF Marcia and we had full intentions on 1. looking cute 2. running without stopping 3. finish that run in under 30 minutes.

Well some times life just gets in the way. And that weekend life was in full force. Therefore, I wasn't able to make the trip to STL. I  was bummed to say the very least. Especially when my friends were posting these cute pictures:

Isn't she cute...check out those Hot PANTS!!

Then I pulled out my stalker skills and found Marcia's time:


I think she blamed her 3 minutes over on: being stuck behind strollers and the walkers. She missed being "corralled" in her pace because she was doing a mini photo shoot. Totally understandable!

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