Sunday, October 28, 2012

I ran 10 miles today

I think I've lost my mind. I should have stuck to the plan.
This past week I did really well with my training.
I ran every day and I didn't drink one drop of alcohol.
ok that's a lie.
I drank alcohol just a little tiny bit...
ok that's a lie too i drank it almost everyday
 BUT in moderation everything is ok... right?
I swear I'm not an alcoholic
I have a drink at night for every one's safety  I mean to calm my nerves I do it because it taste good.

So with that being said I drank this week. BUT I also ran everyday.

Friday was rest day, which worked out because we had plans Friday evening. I normally run on Friday because I usually skip at least one run during the week and I use Friday to make it up. BUT not this week. Girlfriend was on it. Ran everyday like a dedicated runner.

Saturday I got up early to run before we headed to the razorback game. It was a good plan in my head until I stepped outside. It was a tad bit nippy. Too cold for my bones. I had 4 shirts on and a hoodie to cover my ears (note to self buy a cute head band that covers my ears).
 I looked like WHO DONE IT.
I'm sure the neighbors thought I was about to rob somebody.

I tried to fight through it...I mean really tried.
I kept telling myself that the half was in December which meant cold temperatures.
So I ran...and I ran...and the cold air felt like needles on my face...I looked down at the garmin and read 1.82.
I was enough and walked my happy ass home.

So I was suppose to run 7 miles Saturday and 3 miles Sunday. The wheels started turning. Why not combine those miles and just pound the pavement.
Hi my name is amie and I know my long runs are usually around 6 miles but today I've lost my mind

Today after church and the pumpkin patch, I was ready and somewhat eager to run. I had done so well this week. Why stop now. So with that in mind I said I was running 10 miles today.

The weather was perfect as in too cold for snakes, I just made a new play list.. list it was a runners dream.

Miles 1-8 were beautiful.
I managed to get myself lost in a near by neighborhood with hills.  Which surprisingly were not terrible.

Miles 8-10. I was contemplating suicide. 
around mile 8 this kid was out raking leaves. Well I didn't see him and he scared the holy day lights out of me. Like I screamed out loud like he was chasing me with a chainsaw. When I jumped I somehow twisted my knee. (apparently 31 is the new 85...seriously I'm getting old) but I kept pushing and pushing...KEEP RUNNING.

I started my pace really slow. Probably slower than I should. I really felt like I could have ran 13.1 today if it wasn't for my knee. The last half mile...was horrible. But I finished it.

I came home and tried to take an Ice bath...minus the ice... I lasted only a few minutes...I really hope I can walk tomorrow.

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  1. You rocked that 10 miles! But I need to prepare you, I CANNOT run that fast - just saying...